Zong extends support to Girls Vocational Center Rawalpindi in a bid to empower women

Islamabad- December 16th, 2020- -With inclusion, diversity, and empowerment being its key driving forces, Pakistan’s top cellular and digital services company, Zong 4G, has joined hands with Rawalpindi’s Girls Vocational Center to facilitate and empower women of the institution.

The Girls Vocational Center is a brave initiative of two widow sisters, who, through the institute, are helping other needy and underprivileged women stand on their own feet and earn livelihood for themselves and their families.

The vocational center offer short and very low-cost courses in sewing, crafting, painting, gardening, cooking, and hosiery making to the underprivileged widows, orphans, homeless, and needy women.

In continuation of its CSR efforts, Zong 4G reached out to the Girls Vocational Center to provide new sewing machines so that more needy women can be facilitated and empowered by the institution.

In addition, Zong 4G also arranged free health checkup and Covid-19 awareness by qualified doctors and physicians for the institute’s teaching staff as well as trainees. This will help the Girls Vocational Center pursue its noble cause without any pandemic-caused disruptions.

“We’re grateful to Zong 4G for identifying our institution and recognizing the work we are doing to empower vulnerable women of the society,” said Rehana Kausar, spokesperson Girls Vocational Center. “Their help will enable us to train more women on earning their livelihood while spreading awareness on staying safe from the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“The work that the Girls Vocational Center is doing is truly remarkable and an example of real-world empowerment of the women,” said Zong 4G’s official spokesperson. “Being the country’s CSR frontrunner, we are always on the lookout to support such initiatives. We hope that our little support helps the institute empower more needy women, enabling them to break the shackles of poverty.”

Besides being a leading connectivity partner for Pakistanis, Zong 4G also leads a comprehensive corporate social responsibility program. In addition to the Girls Vocational Center, Zong recently extended support to the Naureen Zindagi Welfare Trust Orphanage Islamabad.

The company also provided support to the SOS Children’s Village and Bint-e-Fatima Old Home in Karachi amid the urban flood crisis in the recent past. Zong 4G’s proactive Covid-19 response has also been highly effective and helpful for Pakistanis.

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