Daily Voice Offer

  • Pirce 5.00 Consumer Price
  • Call 20 Zong Mins
  • validity Daily Validity

Zong brings you a Daily Voice Offer to stay connected with your loved ones at anytime from anywhere.

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Price PKR 5 (Inclusive of all Taxes)
Zong to Zong calls 20 minutes per day
USSD *45#
Validity 1 day


Q. Is the offer Auto-recursive?
A. No the offer is not auto-recursive.
Q. Can the offer be subscribed more than once in day?
A. The offer can only be subscribed once in a day.
Q. Who can subscribe to the offer?
A. Nationwide Pre-paid GSM customers can subscribe to the offer.
Q. Does the offer include call Set-up charges?
A. Call Set-up charges are not applicable on the offer.