Zong Caller Name

Identify all Unknown Callers by subscribing to Zong Caller Name!

With the Zong Caller name service, users can see the Caller ID of an unknown caller through a pop-up screen during the incoming call. So subscribe now and stay aware of all those numbers not included in your contact list.

No application needed, no internet required.

How to Activate

USSD: Dial *254#
SMS: Send ‘Sub’ on 2545

How to Deactivate

USSD: Dial *254*6#
SMS: Send ‘Unsub’ on 2545


Rs 1.50 +Tax/day
The service will be renewed automatically
No SMS charges on 2545


Q. How to activate Zong Caller Name service?
A. Send SUB or 1 to 2545 or dial *254# for activation
Q. How to De-activate Zong Caller Name service?
A. Send UNSUB or D to 2545 or dial *254*6# for deactivation
Q. A user of Zong Caller Name won’t be able to use which other services?
A. Users who are currently using My Status or Zong Dial Tunes services will not be able to use Zong Caller Name service. Users have to deactivate these services to subscribe to Zong Caller Name.
Q. In case of change in package plan, will service be get effected?
A. No. Service functionality won’t be affected in case of any package change
Q. What are SMS Charges on 2545? Is the Help menu free?
A. There are no charges for sending SMS on 2545, a user can access the service help menu anytime without any cost.
Q. How many unknown calls can I identify every day using Zong Caller Name service?
A. There is no limit on the number of calls you receive.
Q. What other feature does the service offer?
A. You can do all the below actions by dialing *254# or sending H to 2545
  • Change your Name (*254*1#)
  • List your Number (*254*2#)
  • Unlist your number (*254*3#)
  • Turn OFF Caller Name (*254*4#)
  • Turn ON Caller Name (*254*5#, if you had turned it off earlier)
Q. SMS notifications are sent in which scenarios?
A. A User will receive SMS notifications for below scenarios;
  • New Subscription
  • Unsubscription
  • Low balance
  • If a user tries subscription but is already subscribed to the Dial Tunes/My Status
  • If a user is a Postpaid Customer
Q. In which scenarios, no Caller ID will be pushed?
  • If the Calling Party name is not present in the Service Database
  • If the Calling party is calling from an International Number
  • If user has Turned Off Caller Name (Flash Message)
  • If the Call being made is a Yaari Call (Collect Call)

Terms & Conditions

  • This service is available for Zong Prepaid customers only
  • RBT & My Status subscribers cannot subscribe to Caller Name
  • Data used to display name is not from Zong customer database
  • Flash Message display varies based on handsets
  • Service does not take data/contact information from user’s address book
  • In case incoming caller’s name is not available in the database, no Flash SMS will be pushed
  • By subscribing to Zong Caller Name service user understands and allows that the service will search for the relevant numbers in the crowd sourced database and Zong shall not assume any liability for any error, inaccuracies or non-availability of certain information.
  • Results are on best effort basis; all names may not be displayed on this service.
  • International Calls & Numbers cannot be identified
  • Users can change or remove their number using the service