ZONG Emergency Pack

ZONG Emergency Pack offers free calls (within Pakistan), Mobile Data, missed call riggers and SMS. This product ensures that customer communication needs do not get compromised even when they do not have balance.


USSD: Dial *2445#


USSD: Dial *2445# press 5 for Unsubscribe the service


PKR 7+tax (weekly) ,The service will be renewed automatically


Q.1 How can I subscribe to ZONG Emergency Pack?
A . Subscription of ZONG Emergency Service is by dialing *2445# . Customer can access the menu by dialing *2445# and to generate Call, Missed call, SMS and Mobile data
Q.2 What are the charges of this service?
Ans. Subscription charges is Rs 7+tax (weekly charges)
Q.3 Will the service only work once my balance is zero?
Ans .Service can be utilized even if the balance is more than ZERO.
Q.4 Can I buy another bundle once I have consumed my current bundle?
Ans. Yes you can buy another bundle provided you have Rs 7+ tax weekly in your account, for an upfront payment.
Q.5 Will I be charged every time for making a missed call to a required number?
Ans. NO it will not be charged if you are a subscriber of ZONG Emergency Pack service since it allows free Miss call triggers .
Q.6 What will happen if the second party receives the missed call?
Ans. Our system will generate a Miss call to second party alerting them that you are trying to make a communication.
Q.7 Can I send a text message only from the SMS templates?
Ans. To avail free SMS resources you need to access *2445# menu and select SMS templates to type your own message. However, the message needs to be within the limit of 50 characters.
Q. 8 How do I get to know about the remaining reserve calls, missed calls and text messages?
Ans .You can dial *2445# and check the account summary from the service menu. It will provide you information about the remaining number of reserve calls, missed calls and text messages.
Q.9 Who can use this service?
Ans. Only prepaid customers can use this service.
Q. 10 Can I make International calls, missed calls and text messages?
Ans. No. Call only on local numbers (including landline) are allowed
Q. 11 Is this offer auto-renewal?
Ans. Yes
Q. 12 Kindly clarify if charges will be deducted on weekly basis then how the validity of resources is 30 days.
Ans. ZONG will be charging after every seven days however the resource validity is set for 30 days.
Q. 13 If customer wants to re subscribe this offer then does he/she need to unsub and sub the offer or offer over-rides and new resource is automatically added?
Ans. There is no need to unsub, customer can directly activated new bundle and new resource will be added.
Q. 14 Can we check free resources through *102#?
Ans. Data resource can only be checked through *102# and rest of the resources can be checked via *2445#
Q. 15 Do customer need to dial *2445# to avail default features in case of out of balance?
Ans. Yes

By default 1 Fee connected call of 60 sec call, 2 missed calls and 2 SMS will be allowed without any fee deduction


This service is available for Zong Prepaid customers only