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All MZA users are eligible for the discount voucher. The process of redeeming the voucher is as follows:

  1. MZA user will log in to the App.
  2. The user will then click on the banner on the main dashboard.
  3. The user will be routed to a webpage on Zong website where he will be shown a specific one time use voucher code.
  4. The user will head over to the, choose his desired cell phone and prepare for checkout.
  5. During checkout the user will enter Voucher code.
  6. The user will get a discount after code application and placement of their order.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The code will be user-specific & can be used one time only.
  2. The MOV is PKR 5000.
  3. Maximum discount is PKR 500.
  4. User will have to checkout on
  5. Total vouchers are 1000 and may exceed.
  6. The vouchers will be available on a first come, first serve basis.