• Pirce 2000.00 Consumer Price
  • Wifi 100 GB Total Data
  • Call 10000 Zong Mins
  • Call 1000 Off-net Mins
  • Sms 10000 SMS
  • validity Monthly Validity



Golootlo – Subscription (for parent number only)

Waada - Mobile Insurance- (for parent number only)

  1. Data, Onnet Minutes, Offnet Minutes, SMS can be shared with up to 2 child Zong numbers from MyZong APP only.
  2. Mobile insurance coverage powered by Waada for one month in case of mobile theft or screen damage
  3. Free Golootlo Subscription for 1 Month
  4. MY5 bundle will be deleted if you Subscribe to MY3

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Terms & Conditions


  1. VAS services Golootlo and Waada will only be eligible for the master number and the child members will not be able to use it.
  2. A parent number can add upto 2 member in the My3 group for resource sharing
  3. Call Set-up Charges: No

Your information (MSISDN, IMEI, City and Phone Model only) will be used for profile creation & processing of your mobile insurance and lifestyle discounts.



1. How can I add and manage members in the group?
You can add or change members through My Zong app only.
2. How many member can I add in group?
Maximum size of the group can be of 3 people including parent and child number. This means that you can add upto 2 people in a group.
3. Can MBB, Internet SIM or Postpaid users avail this offer?
No these users will not be eligible for this offer
4. Can a member/child number with MBB, Internet SIM or Postpaid be added to the group?
No these users will not be eligible for this offer
1. What resources can you share?
You can share Data MBs, Off-net minutes, On-net minutes and SMS.
2. Can you assign quota of resources for child numbers?
You cannot assign any quota of usage to child members. All resources will be available to all members.
3. Can Parent and Child numbers use Off-net free resources while calling on UAN and PTCL?
Yes, it will be charged as per tariff plan.
1. How are Golootlo and Waada services charged?
Your Golootlo and Waada services shall be deemed paid upon subscription of My5 Offer.
2. What will be the duration of Golootlo and Waada services?
It will be the same as of bundle validity i.e. 30 days
3. Is  free Golootlo and Waada services also free for Child numbers?
No, only parent member will be eligible for free Golootlo and Waada services.
1.How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe the offer?
Dial 6464# OR *7332# OR send SMS: sub my3 to 6464 to Activate 
Dial *6464#* OR send SMS: Unsub my3 to 6464 to deactivate
2. Is this offer available nationwide?
3. Can I subscribe to MY3 Offer if MY5 Offer is already subscribed?
You can not subscribe MY3 if MY5 is already subscribed. First unsubscribe the MY5 offer through *7335# and then subscribe MY3, though the resources of the previous offer will get expired.
4. Can this offer be subscribed along with other offers?
Yes it is compatible with all offers except for MY5 Offer
5. What will be the out of bundle rate after consuming free data within the validity?
Rs.1 tax/MB
6. If call setup charges will be applicable on free minutes?
7. Does this offer has rollover mechanics?
No, multiple subscriptions are allowed.
8. Can master number assign limit for the resources to the members/child numbers?
Resources would not be assigned. Members can use resources from a resource pool.
9. Is there any limit for adding and deleting child numbers?
Maximum count of member additions is 2 per subscription. After 2 members addition, customer can delete but cannot change or add further member in the same subscription.
10. Can I use the shared resources from any other location than of the parent number?
Parent or child location has no impact on group creation or usage of the resources
11. Does the child number need to have MyZongApp installed?
Child Number doesn’t necessarily need to have MyZongApp to use the resources. Only parent needs to have updated MyZongApp installed for making group to share resources with Child numbers.
12. Can My5 and My3 be subscribed simultaneously?
For further details, click here

Disclaimer*: Your SIM is your identity; only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA. Taxes and price may vary based on subscriber location.