Transfer of SIM of Deceased Person

Ensure smooth SIM ownership transition of a deceased family member.

Please be advised, according to PTA regulations, relatives can now take ownership of a deceased family member’s SIM. You can visit us with the relevant documents at your nearest Zong Sales & Service Centre:

  1. Only Relative can Avail the facility
  2. Original Death certificate (Party A) issued by NADRA or Union council
  3. Original FRC (Family Registration Certificate)
  4. Original CNIC scanned copy of Party B (Expired CNIC will not be catered)
  5. Possession of deceased SIM must be ensured
  6. Check Last recharge /Last call history
  7. In the case of Non-Possession of the SIM, the Original FIR is required covering the statement of lost sim (lost sim Mobile number should be mentioned on the FIR).
  8. Signed Company NOC by Party B

Please note that only relatives can avail this facility. For more information, please call our helpline.