ZONG collaborates with CreditBook to provide e-wallet services to their customers



Islamabad, 7th November, 2022: Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading telecommunication Network has joined hands with CreditBook, a prominent fintech start-up to provide their customers access to e-wallet services. This collaboration will allow Zong4G’s millions of customers to access CreditBook’s mobile wallet, send balance through the application and earn commission on each sale.

CreditBook has a retail network in over 400 cities thus, the partnership will provide Zong 4G’s customers with access to the expansive retail network to recharge and purchase bundles anywhere in the country.

“Our partnership with CreditBook is a testament towards promoting our agenda of the digitized economy. It is also part of our wider digital transformation of Pakistan, aiming to support customers quickly and efficiently via cutting-edge self-service technologies.  Through our partnership, we are enabling our customers to have access to various e-wallet features, and offering convenience through fin-tech solutions, so they can recharge their balance and send balance.” Shared the spokesperson of Zong 4G.

CreditBook founded in 2020, aimed to help micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises achieve better financial accessibility and outcomes, a segment that contributes massively to the economy but is often overlooked. With its many fin-tech products, CreditBook is helping uplit and impact millions of businesses throughout Pakistan.

Zong 4G has always been a customer-centric brand. Through various packages and deals, the business focuses on making its customers' lives easier. The company's goal is to bring real digital innovation to Pakistan, and the entire Zong 4G team is dedicated to turning everyone's aspiration to "Let’s Get Digital'' into a reality.