Zong 4G’s New Hope Volunteers spend their time planting trees

Islamabad- 27th August 2018: Zong 4G’s employees volunteered to join hands in a tree plantation campaign in what comes as a significant move to respond to growing environmental challenges and improving ecological standards in Pakistan.

The tree plantation drive is part of the ‘Mera Mulk Mera Bagheecha’ campaign. Under this movement, dozens of the personnel of Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network from different departments assembled at Zong Headquarters and the recreational spot; the Hill View Park Islamabad to plant scores of plants, saplings and trees.

The employees also set up birds’ houses containing bird-feed and water to provide clean and permanent refuge to the birds of different species in this sweltering heat.

Additionally, remarkable initiatives are being taken in the Hill View Park in collaboration with the Capital Development Authority to facilitate the visitors and boost environmental standards. These include establishment of a prayer area, kids play area, fruit trees corner, herbs corner and installation of motivational signboards encouraging the visitors to continue visiting the parks and other healthy recreational venues.