Zong 4G offers customers the convenience of digital insurance via MicroEnsure partnership

Islamabad- November 18th, 2021 - Zong 4G continues to lead the digital innovation and agenda of the country, as it enters into a strategic partnership with MicroEnsure Pakistan. Through this collaboration, customers will have access to MicroEnsure’s range of innovative insurance and protection products through an end-to-end digital process.

 Zong 4G is combining the advantage of its network’s geographical scale with the innovative insurance offering of MicroEnsure. Leveraging on their experience in Pakistan and several other countries around the world, MicroEnsure brings a time-tested expertise in creating an affordable and scalable suite of digital insurance products. MicroEnsure has developed these products ground-up to meet the unique risk needs of Zong 4G customers.

Commenting on the partnership, the spokesperson of Zong 4G said:  “Zong 4G has a long history of bringing the latest innovations and we are committed to continuing investing in solutions that enhance our customers’ experience. Through our partnership with MicroEnsure, we are offering customers the most innovative insurance services to address their evolving needs”.

Mr Rehan Butt, CEO, MicroEnsure Pakistan pointed out the significance of the initiative for the Pakistani population, insurance industry, and the country's economy. He said, “We are thankful to Zong 4G for giving us this opportunity of serving their customers and bringing them to the safety net provided by insurance. Common people in Pakistan are exposed to many risks and deprived of sophisticated risk protection tools like insurance. This partnership will not only provide risk protection to common Pakistanis but also grow insurance footprint and contribute to the country's GDP.’

 With the mission to lead digital innovation, the partnership is a testament to Zong 4G’s commitment to the digital transformation of the country. Working closely with partners the company is ensuring a tailored approach to foster innovative products and services in Pakistan.