Zong 4G – Igniting the Dreams for future

12th April 2018: Zong 4G country’s leading data provider, upholds its social vow for contributing towards Pakistan’s educational system by supporting the students’ education, through development and continuation of educational practice at all stages. The company is aiming to let future generation benefit from the experience and support, it can provide as an official Chinese mobile company in Pakistan.

Owning to its commitment, a delegation of students from one of the leading educational institution of Pakistan, Roots Millennium School visited the headquarters of Zong 4G.

“We had been super excited to see all the action behind the best data service we experience.” Shared one of the students M. Shafin Waqar.

Zong 4G has been making strides for the educational development of children of Pakistan. By hosting students, the company is fuelling the dreams of children to opt for a career in Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The company's slogan “New Dreams” reveals Zong 4G ultimate purpose is to give the young generation power to channelize new digital dreams, to enable connectivity between people around the world, reduce the digital divide and build a more sustainable and connected Pakistan.

Sagheer Ahmed described the elation he felt when he entered the Zong Headquarters. “It was definitely worth it,” he said about the visit. “I got to experience the creativity that storms into their product innovations and the dedication put into being a customer focused company. It was just a very exciting moment.”

Ahmed Jirar Abbasi said that they were given tours of the customer care center, shown demonstrations of new and upcoming products and met with employees of the company. He enjoyed learning more about the cutting-edge technologies, including product innovations and the thought process behind it.

“It was an eye-opening experience. I was so thrilled to learn about information technology topics given evolution of technology in today’s world. By allowing us to see how Zong 4G works to ensure best experience for us, it has not only enabled me to better understand the company values but has enabled me to appreciate the rapid development of the Chinese company and its contribution in the field of digital innovation to our country. ” shared Ahmed Jirar Abbasi

Addressing the queries of children that why is Zong 4G the number one data company of Pakistan, why is it so successful? What distinguishes it from other companies? The employees responded that in addition to its core value of “responsibility makes perfection”, the company’s approach to place its customers and people of Pakistan before anything else, is what drives them to deliver the most affordable and innovative data and voice packages.

“I think it’s a great place,” M. Shafin Waqar said. “I would totally consider going back there to lead the digital innovation in Pakistan,” Sagheer Ahmed concluded.