Zong 4G defines its vision for Digital Transformation at its Annual Business Conference


Zong 4G, Pakistan's leading connectivity provider, made a significant stride towards accelerating Digital Transformation with its Annual Business Conference held on March 16th, 2023. The event marked the official resumption of offices after the pandemic and demonstrated Zong 4G's unwavering commitment to leading the way in Digital Innovation and Transformation in Pakistan.

The conference, themed "Accelerating into the Future with Digital Transformation," celebrated Zong 4G's remarkable achievements in 2022 and presented its strategic direction for the year 2023. The Chairman & CEO of Zong 4G, Mr. Wang Hua, applauded the employees for their exceptional efforts that resulted in the company's positive growth, creating over 46 million satisfied and happy customers.

Mr. Wang Hua reiterated that Zong 4G's success in the industry is due to its employees' contributions and resilience, taking the company to greater heights of success. Despite the challenging times, Zong's commitment to putting its employees at the center of its operations was further bolstered by providing them with additional financial endeavors.

Furthermore, he emphasized that in 2023, the company must continue the momentum of Digital and Intelligent transformation to attain the vision of a Digital Pakistan. He also highlighted Zong 4G's critical role in providing high quality network services and contributing to Pakistan's economy. Moreover, while sharing Zong’s sustainability contributions, he stressed that the company remains committed to reducing the digital divide and improving the livelihood of people in Pakistan.

"We are proud to lead the way in Digital Transformation in Pakistan and remain committed to our vision of providing the best Network and Services to our customers," said Mr. Wang Hua, Chairman & CEO of CMPak. " In 2023, our focus remains on advancing and delivering state-of-the-art technologies that enhance the lives of individuals and businesses throughout Pakistan. We aim to strengthen our collaborations with local businesses and communities, while expanding our range of products to effectively cater to the needs of enterprises and SMEs. Our aim is to assist them in achieving their goals of enhancing operational efficiencies and fueling growth.”

He concluded, “We look forward to playing a pivotal role to bridge the social divide and ensure that through our social endeavors, we create an inclusive Digital Pakistan.”