Zong 4G collaborates with PTA to continue promotion of Gender Inclusion for Digital Pakistan

Zong 4G – Pakistan’s cellular and digital services frontrunner and the CSR leader in the ICT arena – has entered into a strategic partnership with the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to promote gender inclusion in ICT to accelerate digitalization in the country.

Since its inception, the inclusion of women at all levels of employment and society has been as critical to Zong’s CSR as social responsibility has been to Zong’s professional ethos. The collaboration with the Pakistani telecom regulator further broadens this very vision of gender diversity.

Zong strongly believes that women play an integral role when it comes to a progressive society and realization of the Digital Pakistan vision. That is the reason why Zong has been accelerating women’s inclusion and empowerment and taking the lead on this front in the ICT sector.

Zong has always worked relentlessly to build and promote a more gender-inclusive workplace and society. Besides giving them a chance to prove their mettle at some of the most critical roles, the company provides women with an equal opportunity to excel at the workplace and in society.

Some of Zong’s initiatives for women’s inclusion and empowerment within and outside the workplace include:

  • Call centres with 49% female staff (both Pakistani and Chinese)
  • International-standard work from home model for call centre staff
  • Career & development opportunities for female graduates through GTO program
  • Meaningful celebration of Intl. Women’s Day every year
  • Focus on the mental and physical wellbeing of female employees (sports, gym, yoga, breast cancer awareness, and more)
  • Facilitation services for working mothers and State-of-the-art daycare facilities
  • Setting up of digital labs, vocational training centres for girl students
  • Digital training of women through Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF)
  • Enablement of female doctors through Sehat Kahani
  • CSR Ambassador Program for Zong female volunteers to uplift women in society

The gender inclusion partnership with PTA will help Zong broaden its horizon further and explore fresh and innovative avenues to not only include more women in the workplace and give them the chance to grow in their careers but also work for their enablement and empowerment in the society.