Zong acknowledges its valued customers for supporting verification efforts

Islamabad – Pakistan’s No.1 and only 3G + 4G operator extended its warm acknowledgements to its valued customers for wholeheartedly supporting the ongoing verification drive. Cellular service subscribers across the country have come out of their way to re-verify their SIM’s to ensure that SIM’s are actually in their use and not being used for any unlawful activities. As per National Database and Registration Authority’s (NADRA) statistics, a total of 57.6 million SIMs have been re-verified. Meanwhile, a total of 10 million SIMs have been effectively blocked. This has been possible owing to the cooperation of valued customers who have responded responsibly by showing up in great numbers to get their SIMs verified. Zong is hopeful that the telecom sector, the government and the general public will continue to work together to address and overcome this issue of grave national security.

Niaz A Malik Chief Corporate Sales Officer (CCSO) & Chief Information Officer (CIO) Zong noted that “This achievement has only been possible owing to the collective efforts of all concerned stake holders. Each must be applauded for supporting and working towards a comprehensive solution for supporting National Security”. He also expressed that while this is a noteworthy effort, a lot still needs to be done to ensure complete success. “It is essential that the stakeholders remain committed to this process till the very end so that the progress achieved so far can maintain the pace for eventual verification of all 103 million SIMs”. Zong has been the fastest growing operator in the country and we look forward to carry on in the same direction while safeguarding our valued customers. Zong reaffirms the government of its continuous support and shall work within all parameters set by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).