Zong 4G offers multi-channel customer service

ISLAMABAD – July 24, 2018: Zong 4G, Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network, is making customer centricity a reality through multiple channels by ensuring support to all millions of subscribers everywhere. Placing customers at its heart, Zong 4G’s teams are available round the clock to provide first hand care for customer’s queries at all fronts, be it through social media for digitally savvy generation or the 24/7 available call center, the company is providing convenience to customers from all walks of life.

A cadre of trained customer service representatives are operating twenty four hour call center in four languages; English, Urdu, Chinese and Pashto, even on local holidays.By dialing 310, the customers can be connected with Customer Representatives. With the solutions on their fingertips, the customer service teamsare ensuring to take necessary measures, within reach, to alleviate customer concerns quickly, such as guiding on how to activate fastest 4G for seamless connectivity.

The new age customers like to connect digitally, keeping this in mind Zong 4G is offering top- notch services by catering to their queries online. By engaging the digital customer care teams with other operations, Zong 4G is streamlining customer’s inquiries on their preferred social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook. The representatives are available 24/7 to listen, address and resolve the queries raised.The customers can discuss their connectivity concerns on live chat too with Zong 4G correspondents on the official website of company.

Raising the standards in terms of utilizing cutting edge smart technologies in the field, the company has also established an e- care portal to guide the customer’s queries pertinent to activating packages and utilization of packages. Likewise, the customers can also channel their reservations on the e- care portal.Zong 4G is revolutionizing the customer service by engaging with customers in an unprecedented way - solving problems, answering questions, taking reservations and engaging with them on every front. Zong 4G is a shining example of a customer centric company - the company’s new type and multi-channel customer experience continues to help grow and thrive in this ever-changing digital world.

Partnerships undertaken by Zong is a testament that the company is overcoming all boundaries of development to lead the digitization in Pakistan. Through the superiority of Zong’s technological edge in data services, particularly its super-fast 4G internet, the company is redefining the digital lifestyle of people.