80,000 students connected for e-learning with Zong 4G

Islamabad, June 25 2020: In continuation to its commitment to stand by the citizens of Pakistan during COVID-19 pandemic, Pakistan’s leading telecommunication network, Zong 4G has partnered with Virtual University (VU) of Pakistan to support 80,000 students with seamless connectivity for e-learning.

The objective of the new collaboration between Zong 4G and VU is to transform the current education network in Pakistan and to offer students a service experience that meets the expectations of the digital society and facilitate e-learning. Zong 4G will provide VU students with the best affordable internet packages ranging from 50 GB to 75 GB as per the recommendation of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Leveraging on the widest connectivity of Pakistan, the new offer includes competitive packages to provide the students with unhindered and fast access to internet, all in one bundle.

“The connection between students and teachers is at the heart of quality education and that connection and engagement must persist, regardless of our physical settings. With so many of us working and learning from home, Zong 4G recognizes this new education paradigm, with the potential for fluid, student-centered learning, and the fact that the new system heavily depends upon seamless connectivity. Through this new partnership with VU, Zong 4G is playing its due role in facilitating the learning process and have offered our unmatched services to VU students for an enhanced learning experience”, said a company spokesperson.

Expressing his views on the new partnership, VU spokesperson said that the integral role of education in our society is undeniable. “Due to COVID-19, governments, companies & educational institutions activated remote work protocols, instructing people to stay home and practice social distancing. Online learning methods were put into effect by many educational institutions somewhat similar to the Virtual University model. In one swift motion, educational institutions and boardrooms morphed into remote desks and workplaces; smart applications into digital classrooms and video conferences superseded physical ones. This transition, for the most part, was seamless thanks to its underpinning technology, the internet. The appetite for bandwidth has gone into overdrive and our partnership with Zong 4G will ensure that the connection between students and teachers is maintained while they are unable to go to one of the many campuses across the country due to this pandemic”, he added.

In its fight against COVID-19, Pakistan’s largest and widest 4G network provider, Zong 4G is working closely with local governments in all provinces and has also partnered with UNICEF Pakistan, NDMA, PRCS, SIUT, Indus Hospital, NIH and HEC, thus playing an integral role.