ZongSmart is a new media channel, enabling the display of snack-size, captivating content upon basic core functions of the device that is, unlocking your device, by initiating or receiving the call or upon call hangup. This is a non-intrusive service that does not impact your native call-handling system. You also have the option to skip the content only when unlocking the phone and after the call hangup for a seamless user experience.

How it works:

    1. Download the ZongSmart app from the Google Play Store
  • a. You need to be a client of Zong.
  • b. You need to own an Android (v6 or above) smartphone.
  • c. You need to visit the Google Play Store and search for ZongSmart.
    2. Complete the registration steps, by creating your profile, and by granting all the required permissions on your device.
    3. Upon registration, you will receive a Welcome Bonus of 200 MBs valid for 1 day and, by watching the content daily a Recurrent Benefit of 100 MBs.
    4. The Service will display content while unlocking the device, initiating, receiving, and terminating a voice call.


What is ZongSmart?
ZongSmart is a new media, displaying content in an innovative, fresh, and impactful manner while rewarding users with meaningful, recurrent incentives.
How does ZongSmart work?
ZongSmart is an app that allows you to see content directly on your smartphone’s screen while performing routine actions such as unlocking, or while receiving and initiating a voice call, and upon terminating a voice call.
What rewards am I getting for watching the content?
  • a. Welcome Bonus: 200MB data valid for 1 day
  • b. Recurrent Benefit: 100MB data valid for 1 day, renewable every day
  • What shall I do to get my rewards?
    ZongSmart will give you the possibility to be awarded with a one-off welcome bonus and a recurrent benefit.
      i. Welcome Bonus:
  • 1. The welcome bonus (200 MB data) is assigned to you while you register for the first time in the service.
  • 2. Only new users are eligible to receive the welcome bonus.
  • 3. The welcome bonus is linked to your mobile number. Re-installing and re-registering in the application is not considered as a new registration event, i.e. you will not be eligible for a new welcome bonus in case you re-register with a mobile number that’s already registered in the Service.
    • ii. Recurrent Benefits
  • 1. The recurrent benefit (100 MB data), in the form of free data, is assigned to you daily and is valid for that day.
  • 2. Eligibility rules: the recurrent benefit assignment is linked to the usage of the Service. The benefit will be granted to users who have watched at least one content the day before its assignment. Example: you watch at least one video on Monday, and on Tuesday you will receive 100 MB of data.
  • 3. Noncumulative: the benefit is valid just for the day of its activation and cannot be used on a different day.
  • What kind of content is displayed in ZongSmart?
    The ZongSmart app serves you snack-sized, crisp, soundless, non-intrusive and engaging content. An international and local selection of content is mixed to enhance your experience. Content can fall in the following categories: advertising, fun, educational, wellness, news, nature, and user uploads.
    How much content will I be displayed in a day?
  • a. To ensure the friendliest user experience possible, by using the Service you will be prompted with a maximum of 20 contents per day. This limit can be changed from time to time by the Provider at its sole discretion.
  • b. This means that only a limited number of unlock and voice call events will trigger the display of content during the day.
  • c. ZongSmart uses clever algorithms to distribute the content evenly during your active hours depending on the usage pattern of your mobile.
  • What is the average length of the content?
    ZongSmart’s content is usually between 5 and 10 seconds long.
    Is ZongSmart tailored for me?
    Yes! The ZongSmart app will serve you content that is tailored to you, your lifestyle, and your preferences (as declared in the app).
    Does ZongSmart app effect my storage?
      a. The usage of the app will not change the way you use your smartphone. The app is lightweight, not resource hungry, and secure.
      b. Content delivery is neither blocking nor delaying any functionality of your device:
  • i. Unlocking and post-call: content is displayed for a limited time and can be skipped by clicking the dedicated close button.
  • ii. Outgoing and Incoming call: content is displayed without affecting any standard dialer* functions such as dialing, answering, call termination, call rejection, muting, keypad access, loudspeaker, Bluetooth, reject with SMS, etc.(*Dialer design might defer depending on device)
  • Do I need to pay to use the app?
    The registration and the participation into the Service are free of charge.
    Do I need to pay for content delivery?
      a. The Service is sponsored by advertisement. You will not be charged for benefitting the Service, nor for receiving your rewards.
      b. There will be no charge for the mobile data traffic required by the application to download and display content as part of the Service. ZongSmart gives a dedicated Smartadd bundle of 400MBs just to download and view the content.
      c. Data traffic generated by accessing web portals or apps via clicking the hyperlinks in the content is not considered part of the Service and will be deducted from your mobile data / Wi-Fi plan or will be charged as per your tariff plans.
    What do I need to enroll for the service?
      a. You need to have a valid Zong mobile number.
      b. You need to own an Android (v6 or above) smartphone.
      c. You need to visit the Google Play Store and search for ZongSmart
      d. You need to download and install the app, complete the in-app registration process, by accepting Service’s Terms & Conditions and Data policy, by granting the requested permissions and by filling-in your profile.
    What device do I need to join the service?
    The Service is currently supported on Android smartphones, running Android version 6.0 and higher.
    Can I cumulate the recurring benefits?
      a. Rewards will be granted to users having watched at least one content the day before its assignment: you watch at least one video on Monday, and on Tuesday you will benefit of the data.
      b. The reward is not cumulative i.e., it is valid just for the day of its activation and cannot be used on a different day.
    I was not displayed with the content yesterday, why?
      a. Content is delivered to your device on regular basis. To properly enjoy it, please make sure:
  • i. Your smartphone has data connectivity
  • ii. ZongSmart notification is visible in the notification area of your smartphone
  • iii. The app is installed and running
  • iv. All required permissions are granted
  • Can I transfer bonus to another phone number?
    No. The Service is activated for your personal profile and is linked to the mobile phone number you provided during the registration process. Your benefit is assigned to it. It is not possible to move the benefit to another number.
    I have watched the content but I have not been granted with benefit, why?
    If you change your mobile number or if you activate the Service on a different phone number, you will have to create a new profile.
    How will my personal data be used?
      a. The benefit is granted to the mobile phone number you provided while registering in Service. Make sure you are using that mobile phone number in order to benefit the bonus. If the problem persists, please contact us at [email protected].
      b. Your privacy is very important to us. Your data will be used to ensure we deliver content we consider relevant to you.
      c. We will not disclose any personal information with any Third Party. Advertisers will be able to profile their campaigns only by specifying general inputs (like age, interest, region), without knowing who you are.
      d. You might be addressed by profiled campaigns only by Companies to whom you already provided your phone number and allowed them to contact you for commercial purposes. Under those circumstances, the Company might address a profiled communication via the ZongSmart channel. We are not responsible for verifying that you granted this permission to the Third Party.
    How do I quit the service?
    To quit the Service, just uninstall the application from your device. Please be aware that if you change the SIM card on your device without uninstalling the app, the Service will still be up and running, while the rewarding will be activated on your previous mobile phone number.

    Terms and conditions:

    To view the terms and conditions follow the link: https://smartadd.app/ur-pk/zongsmart-terms-and-conditions/