Zong My Tune gives you a chance to listen to your favorite tune each time you call anyone!


  • Send SUB or 1 to 2400
  • Write dial-tune name or code and send it to 2400
  • Dial *2400#
  • Dial 2400



  • Daily Charges Rs.3+Tax or Monthly Charges Rs.25+Tax
  • Content Charges are 5.95+T
  • No SMS charges apply on 2400


  • Send "UNSUB" to 2400 to unsubscribe
Key Words with Description Commands
User want to set Default tune The user sends D TUNECODE to 2400 Ex: D 1236548
Remove default tune for a subscriber who already have set one The user sends DD to 2400
Subscribed user wants to browse TOP 5 Tune downloads of the month The user sends TOP to 2400
Subscriber wants to search for an existing tune The user sends S to 2400 Ex: S 1236548
Subscriber wants to delete an existing tune The user sends DEL Tune Code to 2400
A user wants to list tunes by category The user sends CAT to 2400
Subscriber wants to play a tune The user sends PLAY to 2400 Ex: PLAY 1236548


Q. How do I Subscribe to Zong My Tune?
A. One way is to Send SUB or 1 to 2400 for Daily package and 2 for monthly package. Another method is to dial *2400# or 2400. You can also send tune code directly to 2400 in-order to get subscribed.
Q. Can I use the same content as purchased for Dial Tune service?
A. Yes
Q. How can I set ZONG My Tune?
A. To set existing dial tune as My tune. Send D followed by the TUNECODE to 2400.
Q. How do I purchase specific Zong My Tune?
A. There are various ways to Purchase Zong My Tune. You can visit Zong Dial Tune portal, dial 2400, dial *2400# or Send Tune ID code by SMS to 2400
Q. Is there any limit in terms of purchasing ZONG My Tune at one time?
A. No, there are no limits, you can purchase as many tunes as you want.
Q. Will my ZONG My Tune, content ever expire?
A. Yes, your Zong Dial Tune remains valid for 90 days after purchasing. Each Zong Dial Tune will have to be repurchased after 90 days to increase the validity period.
Q. How would a subscriber know what is the expiry period of every Zong My Tune?
A. To find out the expiry of Zong My Tune go to Zong Dial Tune website, and check the time left for expiry of the purchased Zong My Tune that is mentioned in front of each Zong My Tune. ZONG Dial Tune content and Zong My Tune content is same.
Q. Is it possible to use both ZONG My Tune and ZONG Dial Tune service together?
A. Yes, whenever you call you will hear your own set My Tune even if dialed number has set a Dial tone.
Q. Will I have subscription charges for both services separately?
A. Yes. Each Service will be charged Rs 1.78+t/day separately.
Q. Will I be charged separately Dial Tune/ My tune content?
A. No


Below mentioned Taxes/ Charges would be applicable:

  • Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% applies on every recharge.
  • Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% applies on usage (if applicable).