ZONG in collaboration with WebDoc presents first of its kind Health Card exclusively for Women health needs because healthy women are key to healthy families. In just PKR 1,500, get annual health insurance up to PKR 50,000

How it works:

Customers can Subscribe to the WebDoc Health Card:

  • By visiting your nearby retailer
  • Dial *6128#
  • Dial 310 (ZONG Helpline)

To Unsub please dail:

  • *6128#
  • 310 (ZONG Helpline)

What Health Card Covers:

  • Access to Tele Doctors/ Consultants (Unlimited Audio Calls Per Day and 5 Video Calls Per Day via WebDoc App)
  • Up to PKR 50,000 for pregnancy related hospitalization and Special Investigation in IPD (MRI, Ultra Sound, CT-Scan etc.)
  • Up to PKR 20,000 for Delivery and C-Section
  • Up to PKR 75,000 for hospitalization related to breast cancer (with PKR 5,000 per night limit)
  • Up to PKR 75,000 Cash Cover for any accidents including RTA during pregnancy

For Doctor’s Access and Claim Processing: Dial 9632, dedicated IVR for ZONG

Links for WebDoc App:


How to submit Claim?

Customer need to call at the dedicated helpline number 9362 and send the required document via WEBDOC APP/ WhatsApp (0311-9271928)

What documents are required at the time of Claim reported?

Following documents will be obtained:

  • Admission Slip of Hospital
  • Discharge Slip of Hospital
  • Doctor Prescription/ Note for admission or Medical History
  • Medical Reports if any
  • Any Bills to be claimed
  • CNIC– Front and Back


Is there an age limit for service activation?
18 to 59 years
Is Insurance benefit for the whole family?
No, it is only for the SIM holder
Who can buy Women Health Insurance Card?
Following people are eligible for the Women Health Insurance Card: • Primarily, Women Health Card is for Female SIM holders who have SIM on their name • Husband can also buy for his wife • Cases of other family members buying for immediate female family member can be decided on case-to-case basis; verification will be carried out via CNIC
Are doctors Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) certified?
Yes. All doctors are verified and approved by PMDC. All doctors are liable for their advice and consultancy
How many times can the customer call or connect to a doctor during the subscription period?
Audio calls - There is no limit, and five Video calls per day through WebDoc App
How can the customer contact a doctor/ consultant?
Customer can dial 9362 to avail the consultation services. This is for ZONG customers only
Does the health insurance cover the hospitals which are not on panel?
Yes, hospitals which are not on panel are being covered in insurance
Does the Insurance plan cover emergency services?
No, it is a non-emergency medical service
Is there any turnaround time to report or to file the Claim, for the insurance?
Applicant should claim as soon as possible, but not later than 30 (30 days) from the date of discharge from hospital
After service activation, is there any maturity time for claim?
Customer may claim after 7 days of service activation. E.g., if customer subscribed the insurance service on 1st-Feb-24, customers can only claim for incidence happened on or after 9th-Feb-24
What is the process for the reversal of charges?
The customer needs to call at the dedicated helpline number 9362 to reverse the charges during 7 days’ time period.
What is the journey/ flow if customer calls helpline number?
The below mentioned format will be followed when customer calls helpline number 9362: Select desire service For product information Press 1 Consultation with Doctors Press 2 For Claim/ Compliant Press 3

Terms and conditions:

  • Claims will be calculated according to the normal charges of the hospital in the city where the claimant reside
  • The maximum limit for surgeon fees is Rs. 10,000/- in the case of surgical procedures. Other charges such as anesthesia and operation room charges will be calculated at standard rates
  • In case of a disease related to fever, claimants must provide a PCR/corona report
  • Nursing charges are not payable.
  • Medicines upon discharge are not covered
  • Food charges are excluded
  • A 7-day waiting period is applied.
  • Hospitalization counts after admission and overnight stay for more than 24 hours
  • Cosmetic surgeries, dental care or any other surgeries pertaining to skin care are not covered
  • The policy is underwritten by our underwriting partners. All other general terms and conditions of health insurance coverage applies
  • Miscarriage purposely isn’t covered in insurance
  • Room limit of PKR 10,000/ day apply