WAADA Mobile Insurance Plan

Protect your phone against theft and breakage with ZONG’s new Waada Mobile Insurance Plan. Spend PKR 50 and get monthly Waada Mobile Insurance up to PKR 15,000 (PKR 5,000 for screen damage and PKR 10,000 for theft).

How it works:

Customers can Subscribe to the insurance plan:

  • By visiting your nearby retailer
  • Dial *5124#
  • Dial 310 (ZONG Helpline)

To Unsub please dial:

  • *5124#
  • 310 (Zong Helpline)


How to submit Claim?

A subscriber can initiate the claims at Waada by:

What documents are required at the time of Claim reported?

Submit the required documents like FIR or Roznamcha and incident details.


How is the premium charged?
Once signed up for bundle your insurance premium will be deemed paid.
What are the eligibility criteria to subscribe this plan from WAADA:
Subscriber must be: • Zong customer • Activated bundle • Using the same mobile against registered sim in his/her own name
Can I get coverage or additional coverage for any other phone?
No. Only the phone already in use of the insured and Zong bundle plan subscribed from that phone will be entitled for claim.
Can I raise a claim in case of wear and tear, water damage or power surge issue affecting the phone?
No. Only loss of phone in result of theft & snatching will be covered. Screen damage is covered after the waiting period.
When will I get replacement phone?
You will not be getting a replacement phone. Instead, a cheque as per settlement amount will be made available to you. (PKR 10,000 for bundle Insurance in case of theft or snatching).
What if replacing the screen cost more than insured amount?
You are entitled to a coverage of insured amount only. Any exceeding payments will be borne by the customer.
Can I claim, If I do not block my IMEI or my mobile is not PTA registered?
No. Only PTA approved mobiles are covered under this policy. In case of claim, blocking of the IMEIs of the phone are mandatory and proof will be required at the time of claim.
What is the estimated time to settle the claim?
Claims are generally settled within 72 hours of the receiving of the complete documents.
Can a customer enroll to multiple subscriptions?
One customer can enroll in only in one subscription embedded with the bundle only.
What is Waiting Period or No Claim Period?
Waiting Period or No Claim period of a plan (if any) mentioned in the plan overview are the number of days, from the time the plan is subscribed, during which the coverage is not applicable. This is valid just once, at the time of subscribing the plan and not during any renewal period.
Waiting Period or No Claim Period for mobile Insurance?
No waiting period in case of theft or total damage. In case of screen protection, the waiting period is 30 days.
What are plan exclusions?
Plan exclusions are the reasons or exceptional situations of claim occurrences under which the benefit of the plan becomes unpayable.
Does the price of the handset impact the claim?
Price of the handset will impact claims for old and obsolete handsets; or if the actual price of the handset is lower than the claim then insurer may reduce the amount of the claim.