Crop Insurance Product Details & T&cs


Crop Insurance offers essential financial security in the face of crop damage brought about by natural disasters. This coverage acts as a shield against the unpredictable forces of nature and plays a pivotal role in assisting rural communities, where agriculture is a primary livelihood.



Daily Price Including Tax (PKR)

Product Type

       Variant 1                   Variant 2                    Variant 3                       Variant 4

Crop Insurance

Rs. 3.60/-

Rs. 7.20/-

Rs. 14.30/-

Rs. 23.90/-

Coverage (PKR)





*Prices are inclusive of taxes *Daily products can be offered in Weekly/Monthly plans

Daily Coverage

Daily price variants for crop insurance coverage from PKR 20k to 120k lump sum as described under packages.

Eligibility & Enrolment

Eligibility to be verified by contacting us either via a phone call on 9362 or through WhatsApp message (03119271928).

Applicants are eligible to apply for a Crop Insurance Plan under the policy if applicants meet all the criteria set out below:

  • All eligible applicants shall be natural persons – human beings.
  • Corporations, partnerships, and businesses shall not be eligible for coverage under the policy.
  • All eligible applicants shall be authorized to apply from the landowners.
  • If the applicant wishes to apply for and subscribe to a plan under this Insurance Policy, the applicant will be required during the registration process to:
    • Acknowledge that the applicant has read and understood the terms of the policy.
    • Confirm that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria.
  • The Insurance Benefits payable are subject to the applicant’s confirmations being true and correct; and if the applicant’s confirmation is untrue or incorrect, no Insurance Benefits will be payable, and the end-user price paid by the subscriber will not be refunded.


  • Lodged through phone call on 9362 or WhatsApp message (03119271928)
  • End-to-end support and handholding to claimant
  • Claim will be settled on Pro Rata basis.


The company shall be notified of the occurrence of insured claim as soon as possible, but not later than 30 (thirty days) from the date of natural disaster and his/her loss, which it shall be treated as time-barred, and the company shall not be bound to pay the claim.


  • Pictures of the affected crop include his picture within the frame. Only real pictures are accepted. Any photoshop picture will be treated as misrepresentation of claim under fraud.
  • Where required access to surveyors to land and crop
  • CNIC Both Sides
  • Pesticides bills
  • Service Number

If there is a dispute, suspected fraudulent activity on the claim or a unique situation which requires further clarification, the payment period can be extended but shall not exceed ten (10) working days, or the time it takes the legal system to resolve the dispute.

Intentional False Statements of The Insured

In the event of any concealment or misrepresentation the policy shall become null and void with respect to the relevant insured.


Payment of claims is subject to exclusions, as outlined below. Crop Insurance Cover shall NOT cover

  • Damages caused by actions that are not natural events like storms or droughts etc.
  • 7 days consistent payments must be made to make a claim
  • 7 days waiting period applies

Termination Of Individual Insurance

The insurance of an Insured shall automatically terminate at the earliest time below:

  • Upon cancellation
  • Withdrawal of subscription

Claims Payments

Claims Payments will be made after receiving the documentation from the client as per below :

  • All claims for Rs. 3 Policy will be paid in 15 working days
  • All other claims will be paid in 30 working days.


Claim amount will be transfer in the customer`s bank or Wallet Account


Dial 9362 for deactivation.


9am to 9 pm