Zong’s New Ramadan TVC signifies its widest 4G coverage

Pakistan’s No. 1 Data Network, Zong launched its new TVC on 1st Ramadan to celebrate the festivities with 4G connectivity. With the widest 4G network, Zong is enriching the digital experience of Pakistani’s in every sphere of life. Through its new TVC campaign, Zong is all geared up to communicate the experience on 4G LTE and how the largest 4G network can bring widest smiles to people living online.

The commercial ushers a spirit of sharing in Ramadan which goes hand in hand with the inner reflection of Zong – to enable customers to share experiences through its unmatched 4G connectivity. The ad brings alive an array merriments of Ramadan, where consumers can be seen truly enjoying the Iftars and Suhoors and sharing the joys through the fastest and widest 4G from Khyber to Gwadar, all across Pakistan.

Giving the true definition of 4G and through its seamless connectivity the commercial continues to deliver on the brand’s commitment by glorifying consumer’s genuine moments powered by 4G. Capturing the true essence of today's digitally savvy generation which lives in the moment and wants to share and capture each and every aspect of their lives, the TVC shows howZongis putting people’s choice at the center of brand proposition by promoting 4G connectivity as the foremost preference.

Zong’s ad tends to sensitises the underlined importance of internet technology during the otherwise hectic schedules in Ramzan when the consumers need speedy services to carry out their respective endeavours anywhere and everywhere.