Zong x YouTube Shorts; Join the challenge win a shoutout!

Are you ready to get a shout-out from Hasan Raheem? Then prepare to move and groove because Zong 4G brings you all a chance to hit the spotlight and show your talent to the world.

Here is how you can participate:

Watch the Video

  • Select the sound in the YouTube Shorts prompt on YouTube
  • Make a real-life vertical video featuring you dancing to the background music
  • In the caption, make sure you use the hashtags #ZongShorts, #HasanZongChallenge, #DigitalHoJao
  • #LetsGetDigital #Zong4G
  • Post the video as a YouTube Short
  • Make sure that the video is not more than 60 seconds

The video will not qualify if:

  • The Short contains a copied video
  • It’s a meme
  • The video violates the Community Guidelines of YouTube

Videos for shout-out will be selected on the bases of content, likes and views.


  • You can participate with your friends, it’s up to you to make the video as fun and creative as possible
  • A clip from the movie having the background music will not qualify as a submission. The video has to be real-life
  • Hashtags are mandatory
  • The video should be in vertical format

So let’s get down to it!