Zong sets digital lab at Dur-e-Yateem Welfare Trust Orphanage for girls

Islamabad- March 31st, 2021- In continuation of its social empowerment efforts, Pakistan’s digital services leader and CSR frontrunner, Zong 4G, has joined hands with Dur-e-Yateem Welfare Trust Orphanage for Girls in Rawalpindi. As part of its support, Zong 4G established a digital lab and offered digital vocational training to the girls of the orphanage in order to up-skill them and enhance their employability in today’s increasingly digital job market.

The Digital Vocational Center being set up by Zong at Dur-e-Yateem Welfare Trust Orphanage for girls educated girls aged 16-25 years on digital learning for freelancing and earning a livelihood with respect and dignity while staying at home amid the current pandemic. These young girls were trained on how to work with freelancing websites such as Fiverr, YouTube, Google AdSense, Article and Blog writing, Instagram, graphic designing, Photoshop, video editing, audio editing, mixing, voiceovers, and more.

“Pakistan is undergoing a swift digital transformation that is led by Zong being the country’s digitalization frontrunner,” shared Zong’s official spokesperson. “This makes it imperative for our youth, girls and boys alike, to become digitally- savvy and equipped with the right skills to enhance their employability in these competitive times. We hope that these young and talented girls of Dur-e-Yateem Welfare Trust Orphanage will not only prove to be fast learners but will also gain financial independence to stand on their own feet.”

“We thank Zong for their kind support that is unique in a way that it prepares our young girls for the jobs of today so they can go out and earn with respect and dignity.We want these girls to stand on their own feet, be able to support themselves and raise their own families, and become active and contributing members of the society. I’m confident that Zong’s support will make that happen.” shared Abu Bakr, Dur-e-Yateem Welfare Trust Orphanage for Girls.

Besides being a leading connectivity partner for Pakistanis, Zong 4G also leads corporate social responsibility and support to Dur-e-Yateem orphanage is a testament to that commitment. The company also extended support to the SOS Children’s Village, Bint-e-Fatima Old Home in Karachi, and more in the recent past. Zong’s proactive Covid-19 response has also been highly effective and helpful for Pakistanis.

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