Zong Launches ‘Taleem Bundle’ for Allama Iqbal Open University to Support E-learning

Islamabad- November 23rd, 2020 - To equip students with the fastest data connectivity for distant and e-learning programs, Pakistan’s cellular and digital services leader, Zong 4G, has introduced a comprehensive data package called ‘Taleem Bundle’ for the students of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU).

The signing ceremony took place at AIOU and was signed by Zong 4G’s Director Govt. and Corporate Sales & Services Mr. Farhan Zakir, and AIOU Chairman & Dean Prof. Dr Nasir Mahmood signed the agreement in presence of Moied Javeed, Acting Chief Commercial Officer, Zong 4G and other key representatives from both the organizations.

Zong 4G’s partnership with AIOU is a testament to Zong’s relentless focus on digital inclusion for the masses and youth, an area in which Zong continues to dominate with market-leading services, products, and solutions. Zong 4G is a frontrunner of the ICT-powered digital transformation in the country helping key sectors adopt digitization and providing them with innovative tools to keep abreast with the global digital revolution.

“Taleem bundle is a joint venture of AIOU and Zong 4G which will enable e-learning and encourage students to benefit from distant-learning, Zong 4G is aligned with Government of Pakistan’s ambition of a Digital Pakistan and our partnership with AIOU is in-line with our commitment of enabling the country’s development through digital solutions.” said spokesperson of CMPAK Zong 4G.

The largest, widest and fastest 4G network of the country is focusing on digital inclusion and supporting students with the best data connectivity of Pakistan. The strategic collaboration will enable seamless connectivity and unmatched services to these students for an enhanced learning experience.

“We are grateful to Zong 4G for its contributions and support in developing customized data bundle for our students at a very nominal cost. Through the partnership, we aim to provide social service to those students who are from humbler backgrounds and cannot afford to access their education online.” said AIOU Dean Prof. Dr. Nasir Mahmood.

He added. “With over 1.4 million current student enrollments, AIOU is constantly developing professionally and is committed to progress that’s in line with the evolving global trends. With partnerships like this, we can accomplish these goals faster and more efficiently.”

Zong 4G is the leader of digital transformation in Pakistan. Being the pioneer of 4G in the country and the first mover of 5G technology in Pakistan, Zong 4G is committed to excellence and innovation.


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