Zong 4G, Tracking World Partner to Redefine In-Vehicle Infotainment in Pakistan

Islamabad, 29th March, 2022 - Pakistan’s leading cellular and digital services company, Zong 4G, has joined hands with Tracking World Pvt Ltd to offer state-of-the-art vehicle infotainment solutions for leading vehicle brands in Pakistan. 

Leading the digital innovation in the country, the partnership will bring new advanced solutions that will contribute to the digital transformation of vehicles in the country. 

Through this partnership, the companies will integrate their suite of technologies, primarily by incorporating Tracking World’s vehicle solution as part of Zong 4G’s connectivity and digital solutions. 

The partnership was signed by the management of both companies during the ceremony held in Lahore. 

Moreover, the partnership will facilitate the leading automakers in Pakistan for connected vehicles through in-car operation software systems focusing on 4G-powered cockpits, high-definition mapping and connectivity products. 

Zong is one of the leading operators to provide customized solutions to corporates of all domains and sizes in the industry. The partnership with Tracking World is in line with Zong’s efforts to help businesses digitalize and provide innovative solutions.

Commenting on the partnership, the spokesperson of Zong 4G shared, “As part of our mission to bring innovative digital solutions and follow our slogan of ‘Let’s Get Digital’, we are collaborating with companies such as Tracking World to offer products and services, to offer unmatched user experience. Through our partnership, together we will ensure the digital of the vehicle industry in Pakistan.”

Tracking World Pvt Ltd is one of the most renowned tech companies in Pakistan and is engaged in vehicle management, surveillance, and infotainment for a long time. The company is making infotainment technology more sophisticated and robust with the goal of bringing a high-quality user connectivity experience. 

“We are excited to partner with Zong 4G, as they will leverage their most-advanced connectivity and solution to bring unparalleled opportunity for transformation across the vehicle industry in the country. We aim to make the selection and adoption of infotainment solutions easier, more accessible, and affordable for all vehicles.”

The infotainment solution of Tracking World underpinned by the widest and best-in-class 4G network in the country, Zong 4G, will adhere to provide new technologies that will digitally transform the infotainment solution whilst building customer trust.