Zong 4G supports the spirit of Deaf cricket team

3rd May 2018: Zong 4G is leaving no stone unturned to create a more socially inclusive Pakistan through various initiatives. Believing that every individual has an equal right to access the opportunities, Zong 4G recently facilitated the cricket team’s participation in the tournament organized by Islamabad Deaf Cricket Club.

To put down any limitation and encourage such hopes, Zong 4G is laying the foundations for providing these people with the much needed care. Not only did the team felt great after winning the first match, it has heightened their desire to represent our country at international forums.

Sajid Iqbal Chaudhry, President Faisalabad Deaf Cricket Association, “Zong 4G gave our cricketers the courage we needed, not only did they equip us for the match but provided an unmatched support that has propelled the deaf cricketer’s perseverance to fulfill their wishes and this is what matters the most.”