Zong 4G extends partnership with Wateen for long haul optical fiber

Islamabad- 1st March 2019 - Pakistan's No. 1 Data Network, Zong 4G, has partnered with Wateen Telecom for a long haul project for network expansion, in a bid to augment the customer experience. Through this partnership, Zong 4G will gain an exclusive optical fiber to supplement the network coverage across the country.

With a commitment to develop best-in-class communication infrastructure, deliver optimal services and innovative solutions to customers from all walks of life, Zong 4G is working with renowned technology partners to cement its position as a world-class network provider. Through its aggressive roll-out plan, Zong 4G's customers will be able to enjoy seamless connectivity and fast connectivity across the country.

"As the data and innovation leaders of Pakistan, we remain steadfast in our commitment to develop the digital ecosystem in Pakistan. We are delivering the best customer experience while also strengthening the Pakistani Telecom market through consistently investing in its network operations. We are committed to bringing our parent company, China Mobile's expertise and innovation to help realize the vision of digital Pakistan." said Mr. Wang Hua, Chairman and CEO, Zong 4G.

Taking the country to the most advanced and innovative digital echelons, Pakistan's No.1 Data network, Zong 4G is increasing the 4G footprint and reaching the most remote areas of Pakistan, to further accelerate the adaptation of the digital lifestyle.

"Wateen’s extensive reach is geared to deliver exceptional quality services for mobile operators to build and maintain their networks, and our partnership with Zong 4G is such an example. It offers enormous digitization opportunity for businesses to deliver the best value and service to people of Pakistan." said Mr. Rizwan Tiwana, CEO Wateen.

Zong 4G's digital leadership, true innovation, and fresh optimism not only drives technological prowess but is a stimulus for continued investments in commercial capabilities. Pakistan's No.1 Data Network is introducing the world-class connectivity solutions through long-term partnerships with an ambition to galvanize Pakistan's digital economy.