Zong 4G carries out training program on Digital Learning and Freelancing at the SOS Orphanage in Muzaffarabad


Muzaffarabad – 24th December, 2022: According to a report by UNICEF, an estimate of 22.8 million children are out of school, making Pakistan the second highest population of out-of-school children in the world. SOS village is currently assisting 330,000+ of these children by providing them with the channels and means to start or continue their education.

Aligning with SOS and continuing their own efforts to create a digitally enabled and empowered youth, Zong 4G has conducted a training session for the children of SOS Muzaffarabad to educate students on Digital Learning and Freelancing. These skills can be utilized in the future by these children in their careers.

Volunteers from the Zong 4G CSR team visited the AJK SOS Orphanage on Saturday, 23rd December, to equip the children with the skills and guidelines needed to excel in a digital lifestyle. The Zong 4G team conducted a comprehensive ‘digital learning’ session and also distributed books focusing on Digital learning, IQ level building, along with learning material and stationery kits.

The students were also encouraged to enroll in the government’s Digi Skills program for free Digital Learning courses and certifications.  A special session was also conducted for students where they were encouraged to identify their skills in freelancing. Zong 4G’s official spokesperson commenting on the project said, “We are carrying on our mission to create a digitally enabled Pakistan which contributes directly to a better future for our youth and equipping them with these skills is crucial to their success.”

The representative from the SOS village, Mr. Nazir Khan commented, “This initiative is crucial to ensure that our children have a bright and promising future and we appreciate the efforts of Zong 4G and their team to help us make it a possibility.”

This project is a part of Zong 4G’s mission for widespread ‘Digital Intelligence and Innovation’ in Pakistan. From Karachi to Kashmir this is the latest in a line of projects carried out in both rural and urban areas of the country by Zong 4G and its volunteers to ensure a brighter future for the youth of Pakistan. Zong 4G plans on furthering their efforts for the cause of Digital Inclusion and Enablement from here on forth by increasing the number of projects being carried whilst simultaneously keeping a track of the existing projects’ progress and efficiency.

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