Zong 4G & HANDS partner to Develop an urban forest in Lahore’s Safari Wildlife Park

Lahore, 20th December, 2022:  To combat climate change, Zong 4G, the country’s leading telecommunication and digital company, has initiated a tree plantation drive in collaboration with Hands to develop an urban forest in Lahore.

The plantation drive was attended by Rana Shahid Tabasum, Divisional Forest Officer, Lahore, Amir Naseem, Executive Manager, Central Punjab, HANDS, Zong 4G volunteers; and other representatives of government departments.

Zong’s volunteers have stepped up to plant more than 700 evergreen and fruit trees in the Wildlife Park as part of the company’s commitment to creating a greener and safer environment for future generations of the country. The plantation campaign aims to develop the urban forests to fight the on-going environmental concern of smog and climate changes that have impacted Lahore.

Pakistan has been hit hard by the worst effects of climate change, including rapidly rising temperatures and, most recently, widespread flooding. One of the first lines of defence against the climate crisis is the planting of trees, especially native trees. Zong 4G is working towards improving the environmental sustainability of the country, one tree at a time,

Emphasizing the need to protect and conserve the environment, the official spokesperson of Zong 4G said, “As a responsible corporate citizen of Pakistan, Zong 4G is committed to helping advance the country’s Sustainability Development Goals. The tree plantation drive is one facet of our mission to help bring about an environmentally sustainable Pakistan and a better-shaped future that makes a difference in people’s lives, communities, and on our planet.”

Commenting on the partnership, Amir Naseem, Executive Manager, Central Punjab, HANDS said, “Pakistan is in dire need of environmental sustainability efforts. We thank Pakistan’s leading telecom company, Zong 4G, for sharing our vision to help protect and save the environment. Through consistent and sustained efforts, we can help fight climate change”

Other than leading the digital transformation in the country, Zong 4G is also leading on the sustainability front in the telecom industry. The brand stays committed to social empowerment and the preservation of the environment, creating a better tomorrow for younger generations.

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