PayMax carries out first commercial showcase at ITCN Asia ‘23


Zong 4G’s new Mobile Financial Service (MFS), PayMax (ECCL), was showcased at the 22nd Asia Tech and Telecom conference in Islamabad from the 23rd to the 25th of February.

PayMax, the only telecom-backed EMI solution in the country, offers users a range of digital payment services, including instant money transfers to any bank. With its state-of-the-art AI-enabled facial recognition feature, PayMax is the most secure MFS solution in the market, providing users with top-notch security protocols to protect their funds and personal information.

The Honorable Federal Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Mr. Syed Amin Ul Haque, praised PayMax's cutting edge features and services. Attendees at the exhibition engaged with the PayMax team through live demonstrations of the app. They appreciated the interface and innovative features such as real-time transaction tracking and instant mobile top-ups. The PayMax team further added that it can also be used as an alternative to direct carrier billing. PayMax could bridge the gap of cross-border payments through debit cards in the future, according to EMI regulations.


Speaking at the occasion, the CEO of PayMax, Syed Naveed Akthar said, “Digital financial inclusion is imperative for economic growth, it's a necessity that will empower individuals and transform economies. By leveraging technology and innovative solutions, PayMax can bring millions of unbanked individuals into the formal financial system and create a more inclusive future for all."

PayMax and NITB partnered at the event to offer the attendees the seamless option to pay ‘token taxes, Transfer & Registration Fees’ and other NITB payments through PayMax, free of cost. As a part of this partnership, PayMax and NITB set up a combined experience center at the event and encouraged users to route their payment through PayMax. This center is a part of combined efforts with NITB and PayMax users can pay their taxes through the app at any time.

Users can experience the ease and security of PayMax by downloading it through the Google Play store. Users are also encouraged to share their valuable feedback to help us shape PayMax’s future development.