My Zong App Brings New Exciting Features in Its Latest Update

Islamabad- November 23rd, 2021- Zong 4G, Pakistan's largest telecommunications carrier, has upgraded its famous My Zong App (MZA) with various new and interesting features as part of its mission to drive digital innovation and provide cutting-edge services to its technologically savvy customers.

Designed to simplify our users’ life and add value, the app now has more to offer to Zong as well as non-Zong customers. The changes come as a result of constant updates based on customer feedback aimed to meet the changing connectivity needs of Pakistanis. Zong is most attentive towards customer centricity and hence keeps innovating its products and services.

The app now features a new, updated daily reward game with which users get a chance to win more and play more. A paid version of the game is now offered in the app that lets people play and win free MBs without any limitation. The fee to play the paid version is just Rs. 1 +Tax.

To be more useful for non-Zong users of the MZA app, it now allows for users of other networks to book their 4G devices and Zong SIMs easily from the app. This is inclusion at its best as the MZA users now don’t have to be on the Zong network.

"Zong has been tireless in its quest for excellence in service and digital empowerment," said the Zong spokesperson. "My Zong App is a vital contributor to the company's excellent handling of developing consumer expectations in the digital sphere. Through new offerings and services, we hope to make MZA an all-in-one customer portal not just for Zong users, but for users of other networks as well."

The company launched various new services, such as unique discounts, daily rewards, detailed postpaid billing, infotainment portals, widgets, and more, while keeping a close eye on the needs and feedback of its dedicated users.

Zong 4G is dedicated to meeting the demands of its customers in the most inventive and novel ways possible, thanks to its strong belief in innovation and customer-centricity. MZA's one-stop-shop delivers an efficient and well-timed solution as the trend of using digital channels for making payments and obtaining services gains traction in the post-Covid world.