Empowering the Young Talent: Zong's Commitment to Supporting New Graduates

Getting your first job right out of university is every graduate's ultimate dream. And for many, that dream includes landing a spot at a big multinational company. While it’s true that many have dipped their toes in the corporate world through internships, nothing feels quite the same as a contract that spells out ‘full-time’ employee and actually comes with a guarantee of a paycheck (unpaid internships, anyone?).

However, often times, this dream is left unfulfilled. The joy and excitement of being a new graduate eager to make your mark on the world is rapidly replaced with anxiety when confronted with the numerous issues impeding entry into the corporate sector.

For one, recent graduates often find themselves asking, "How am I supposed to have two years of experience if I just graduated?" This common question highlights one challenge, among many other, that new graduates face in trying to secure employment in an over-saturated job market like Pakistan's. It can be disheartening to think that there may be no opportunities for those who lack experience but are eager to learn and contribute to a workplace.

However, there is a company that understands that being a new graduate in Pakistan comes with its own set of challenges as well as the potential to learn and grow. That company is Zong. Zong recognizes the challenges that new graduates face and offers a solution through their Digital Trainee Executive Program, through which they actively seek out fresh graduates. This program provides a supportive environment where fresh graduates can thrive and grow without limitations. According to Rabia Hassan, Manager of Talent Acquisition at Zong, “The hiring process doesn’t just assess candidates’ skills, qualifications, or experience, but also their eagerness to grow and prosper in a digital space, a trait that most new graduates possess in abundance.”

Zong's Digital Trainee Executive Program provides young professionals with an opportunity to develop their technical and soft skills while preparing them for future leadership roles. The program aims to mold and shape young professionals into successful corporate leaders who can contribute to the growth of the organization.

Nevertheless, as with any company, Zong must make difficult decisions during the recruitment process. This year, out of the thousands of applicants, only 30 candidates were selected after a thorough and rigorous selection process

To support candidates throughout the recruitment process, the company's recruitment team provides guidance and support to address any gaps in their application and offers insights into hiring practices. Additionally, Zong maintains a database of all the talent pool created through this particular program to be considered for potential future opportunities. This ensures a positive experience for all candidates, regardless of the outcome.

"We feel a responsibility towards them; these are young students trying to navigate through an uncertain environment. We ensure to motivate them in their journey towards their professional growth," says Saira Javed, Assistant Manager Talent Acquisition at Zong.

The entire application and recruitment process was carried out using digital tools, enabling candidates from all parts of Pakistan to participate in the program and ensuring that equal opportunities were available to all. Zong's recruitment efforts have also been supported by a comprehensive digital campaign and close collaboration with university placement offices.

Zong's commitment to providing a supportive and inclusive recruitment opportunities has resulted in an overwhelmingly positive response from candidates, across the board. The company's efforts to keep candidates informed and engaged throughout the hiring process have been particularly well-received.

Looking ahead, Zong aims to maintain positive relationships with all candidates who have expressed interest in joining the company. By doing so, the company hopes to foster a sense of community and support among young talent, and ultimately attract the best and brightest candidates to join its team.

As the ecosystem evolves, Zong plans to evolve with it and hopes other companies in the industry to follow suit.