CMPak and Huawei Conduct Pakistan's First Commercial Use of Smart 8T8R

Islamabad- March 12th, 2021- Zong 4G further solidifies its position as the leader of Pakistan’s technological innovation and has successfully implemented Pakistan’ s first Smart 8T8R in collaboration with Huawei Technologies. The implementation was done on CMPak’s (Zong’s) existing 4T4R network, which was upgraded to Smart 8T8R in Lahore. This technological advancement has increased the capacity by 1.8 times, improving the user experience by folds.

The continued development of mobile web applications, high-definition (HD) video streaming, and online gaming services pose challenges to the MBB network in Pakistan. To meet this continuous growth in demand and ensure a smooth 5G evolution, Smart 8T8R provides the right solution.

The Smart 8T8R solution incorporates software-defined antennas (SDAs), FDD dual-band RRUs, and Huawei's innovative algorithms. With one-time hardware deployment, it enables software upgrades on demand, capacity increase for 4G, and smooth upgrade to 5G, providing better choice for operators to build FDD networks with NR smooth evolution. This solution will promote fast NR evolution of FDD network and set a new standard for future MBB network benchmark.

"CMPak provides premium service experience through leading technologies,” shared Mr. Wang Hua, Chairman and CEO Zong 4G. “The use of Smart 8T8R enhances user experience and protects future network investment, as well as diversifies the options for developing networks and services.”

“CMPak will continue to explore and implement more technological breakthroughs to build 5G-ready networks and to ensure better user experience though innovative technological advancements,” he added.

The success of this deployment reflects Zong’s strong innovation capabilities and is an important part of its technical strategy to build high-quality 5G-ready network in Pakistan.

In the past two years, 4G users in Pakistan have seen exponential growth with Zong alone seeing a 100% growth in its 4G user count. In a country like Pakistan where major use of MBB is on entertainment, 4G users’ data needs are continuously growing to meet which Zong 4G is taking solid, proactive measures. The launch of Smart 8T8R, in particular, will pave the way for future technologies, including 5G, in Pakistan.

About Zong 4G

Zong 4G, China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak) is a 100% owned subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation. Zong 4G has the largest 4G subscriber base and the widest 4G coverage across the country with 4G leadership, market leadership, network leadership and service leadership traits. Zong 4G is leading the 4G industry with over 19M Million 4G subscribers and more than 14,000 4G sites nationwide.

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