Zong advancing to a successful Bio Metric re-verification process

Islamabad----Utilizing their resourcesat the optimum level,telecommunication companies have successfully verified over 22 million SIMs in just over three weeks. However,the experts believe the challenging task of re-verification of remaining 83 million SIMs is going to be very difficult to achieve within the given timeline.

The verification of over 22 million SIMsshows that the re-verification process is going in full swing.Keeping in view the whole hearted efforts, logistical and awareness challenges faced by the cellular companies and importance of completing the activity in the context of national security it is essential the customers come out to fulfill their duty and ensure that they verify SIMs that are in their use.

Chief Commercial Officer Zong, Babar Ali Bajwa while expressing his views said “Keepingnational security as a foremost priorityZong has invested heavily in terms of human resources, IT systems, deployment of more BVS devices, mass level awareness campaigns of SIMs re verification through biometric (through print, electronic and digital media) and in devising innovative activities/strategies to maximize the reach of SIMs re verification to the customers.”

EmanKhan, aZong customer while showing her satisfaction over the Zong SIM verification process said, “I came to know about the SIM verification process through an SMS by Zong to get my SIM verified before the due date. They also shared the information of nearest Zong franchise to visit. After my visit to Zong franchise and SIM verification, I recommend all my fellows to get their SIM verified in best national interest as cellular companies are facilitating the customers.”

In this regard, utmost efforts are being made to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible and the customers are provided convenience and facilitation of the highest level.