Zong 4G - Connecting every sphere of life

Zong 4G, the country’s No.1 4G network, was the first telecom company to win the 4G license when it was auctioned in Pakistan. While many still wondered about how much of an incremental value would the spectrum bring to the lives of millions, Zong 4G took the first step to redefine lifestyle of its customers.

Presently the gravity of 4G breakthrough in Pakistan, especially through Zong 4G can be well comprehended with how technology has transformed lifestyles for over 8 million 4G users over a short span of time. It has changed the usefulness of internet. The interactions between people have become more digital with time, all of a sudden it is so convenient to hail a ride without waiting and talking to your loved ones across the globe without any interruption. 4G has become the driving force for technology of tomorrow -the increased speed and seamless connectivity has unlocked doors for hundreds to explore potential options for startups and businesses.

Zong 4G runs the show: With everyone relying on their smartphone the impressive speed of 4G leader in market, Zong 4G, has transformed lives and relying on connectivity on the go with its mobile and device internet has subconsciously become a routine behavior for the digitally savvy generation. The recurring improvements in the 4G technology along with other digital innovations by Zong 4G, the digital future of Pakistan seems bright as it undergoes a transition faster than anticipated.

The connection of the 4G technology with various spheres of life; be it security, economics or social sector etc has catered to the development of the new imperative, internet of things. Needless to say, internet has brought a new wave of advancement in the commercial and personal aspects- connecting and enabling remote control over previously unconnected things thus, reaching people and objects more efficiently than ever. Hence with the growing public needs, digital innovation and network expansion is one of the major determinant for Zong 4G to cater demands of a customer.

Emergence of IoT Building Blocks in all realms: IoT is a fast growing phenomena and its reality has endless opportunities in the realms of health, agriculture and environment with the continued momentum to digitalize more and more areas of our lives in the coming years, thus creating a smart world which is beyond imagination.

IoT application is benefitting people in many ways and has become imperative for their health too. It can be the silver bullet in addressing the burdened healthcare systems with the growing population of Pakistan. Envisage the daily pain of an elderly who has to prick needles to check glucose levels in body but with the emergence of IoT devices they can track vitals and heart performance, monitor glucose, and sleeping levels.

With the surge in adaptation of IoT solutions, medical processes have become far more efficient for doctors and much convenient for patients. In the sphere of healthcare, the emergence of 4G powered solutions by Zong 4G’s parent organization, China Mobile are well recognized; electronic medical record, customized regional healthcare for institutes, mobile diagnosis, intelligent hospital - an integrated platform used to increase the efficiency of the medical systems, solutions for medical big data for cost-effective and innovative forms of information processing well as distant medical teaching and learning are helping patients save time and money. With enhanced access to the insights pertinent to patients symptoms coupled with real time tracking, the digital future holds hope of preventing and curing diseases more than ever before.

Besides Healthcare IoT will hugely impact other sectors too; transportation, energy, homes, education and environment etc. In Pakistan, environmental and climatic changes are becoming complex with solutions difficult to conceptualize. With the development of IoT solutions by China Mobile a communication paradigm envisions application of sensors, microcontrollers and transceivers to become integral part of the Internet and the environment. The Air Pollution Online Monitoring Platform was developed by Zong’s parent company to monitor atmospheric pollutants and indoor air in real time along with an alarm notification for supervisory personnel to control. Thereby, ensuring a green and healthy life for people.

Agriculture sector continues to play a central role in Pakistan’s economy as 25% of Pakistan's agriculture accounts for about 21% of GDP. In the sphere of agriculture, the driving force for enhancing and reviving it through 4G opens a wide door to develop smart solutions. Each year, farmers lose significant amounts of profit due to animal illnesses and resultant deaths too. Given this, livestock and dairy farmers are in dire need of a cost-effective solutions with massive connectivity, wide coverage, low power consumption and stable performance to monitor the livestock health. The Smart Livestock Solution developed by China Mobile has greatly helped in promoting livestock farming on modernized lines to increase milk yield and reduce medical treatment costs, in result increasing the revenue.

New Hopes, New Dreams: Many livelihoods depend on such developments and internet, thus IoT solutions require investments to create the right infrastructure and support the growth of IoT. Extensive contributions such as research are important to create a more connected and prosperous nation. Research and Finance both have been the core strength of China Mobile and with Zong 4G’s aim to digitalize Pakistan, people will see their ideas come to life through the power of best network services and seamless 4G connectivity by Zong 4G.