Why Zong 4g is the foremost preference of people

ISLAMABAD – July 2nd, 2018: Zong 4G continues the strides to be the most preferred 4G network of Pakistan. With the ambition to digitally empower Pakistanis, Zong 4G, Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network, is continuing the efforts to usher into a new era for 4G.

4G brilliance

4G is like building a road, opening new horizons, exploring new avenues and connecting the unconnected and that is the beauty of 4G technology, it can cope up with the digitally-savvy generation’s needs to stay connected

It’s an imperative part of the day for many people – most often for browsing the web, social networking, gaming and running businesses.With the need to be accessible for family, friends and colleagues at the drop of a hat, it’s necessary to have an expansive and reliable network. Already offering the nation’s largest 4G LTE network, Zong 4G is leading the connectivity needs in Pakistan. The company continues to dominate the market by hosting more than 50% of the 4G market share.

With 4G LTE becoming the wireless standard, consumers are becoming more accustomed to experiencing the best there is. For some, that experience includes revolutionary video capabilities and multiplayer gaming, while for others it includes powering their online businesses on the go. With affordable rates, unparalleled connectivity and best network speeds, Zong 4G is enabling more than 7 million people to be digitally connected throughout Pakistan.

Full Suite of Flexible Solutions

A leading provider of 4G connectivity, Zong is striving to address the ever-growing connectivity needs of its new-age customers. The company is committed that customers not only enjoy the superb coverage and many benefits offered but also get great packages at competitive prices.People from all walks of life have the offers array of options to choose from matchless mobile broadband devices (MBBs), smart car devices to offering highly affordable voice and data packages with unmatched connectivity, Zong 4G shines atop the horizons of leading digital innovation and prominence.

The company’s dedicated efforts to lead digital innovation in Pakistan through partnerships with renounced organizations like WhatsApp, Careem and IMO for optimal user experience as well as transformation and digitalization of Pakistan is exemplary and users no doubt prefer Zong because of its vision to make lives easier.

Building Future

Not only does Zong contribute towards building the 4G ecosystem in Pakistan but it also contributes to reduce inherent inequalities in the society. The company’s act of kindness is a testament of how it is setting the pace on sustainability issues from health care and education to promoting diversity and fostering inclusion. Leveraging its scale and business values as well as the strong CSR heritage of its parent company, China Mobile Communication Corporation, Zong is addressing passion to address the needs of Pakistani’s.

Future is now with Zong

The supremacy of Zong as the most preferred 4G network of Pakistan is a testimony of its commitment to offer best 4G network to its customers. Through innovative breakthroughs of Zong 4G are the paramount in leading the world to an unimaginable high-tech future.

Right now, the future is with Zong 4G as it continues to work towards making true the visions and dreams of all.