Microsoft's customized Cloud technology facilitates robust Telecom operations at Zong

Karachi: 6th January, 2015: Microsoft’s private-cloud technology, comprising of Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft System Center 2012, has been adopted by the leading telecommunication services brand of Pakistan – Zong. Microsoft is working closely to provide the next level of global technologies to leading enterprises like Zong.

The creator of Zong - China Mobile Pakistan (CMPAK) has continued a strong operational engagement with Microsoft, over the years. The sophisticated Data-Centre solutions including the private Cloud have also been specially customized by Microsoft to strengthen and streamline telecom business operations.

Through the creation of this new customized design and architecture for the telecom enterprises, Microsoft is equipped to deliver a modern, private Cloud solution that aligns with its data-centre vision and growth expectations. “Our subscriber base has grown at a very high and consistent rate over the past few years”, notes Niaz A Malik, Chief Information Officer at Zong. “We aim to provide our customers with efficiency and effectiveness of the highest level and this partnership with Microsoft will work a long way in ensuring that the customer experience is enhanced in terms of optimized technology exposure.”

The cost of bringing this paradigm shift in technology will be quickly covered through faster Return on investment (ROI), while it will significantly improve Zong users’ experience too.

As the telecom industry evolves rapidly, Microsoft’s technological breakthroughs are augmenting the infrastructures and services available to these high-tech enterprises. With these innovations, the proactive telecom enterprises like Zong are now seeking reduction in server sprawl, optimized efficiency of resources and fortified security for their networks. Moreover the TELCOs can also avail Microsoft’s revolutionary data support systems and infrastructure.

The IT Director at Zong – Muhammad Abdul Wajid stated; “As China Mobile Pakistan moves infrastructure to the Cloud, we are confident of a fast time to market, for business value.” He further stated that “We’ve also gained the tools we need to achieve savings through standardization and automation. Throughout the process of implementing the new Cloud technology, the IT team at Zong was engaged and a key role was played by Ali Waqas, Jamil Jokhyo and Asim Taj along with Kalsoft as deployment partners.

CMPAK has recently acquired 3G and 4G telecommunications spectrum in Pakistan, to further enrich its nationwide GSM voice and data network. After this major expansion in its operations, Zong needed to reduce its operational costs, improve energy efficiency and achieve greater agility in business. During this venture, Microsoft has acted as a resourceful and experienced partner, which empowers the clients, through its extensive local support available in Pakistan.

A senior manager at Microsoft commented that; our powerful new Cloud system provides a comprehensive and modern platform for telecom applications and business expansions. It is an integrated, secured, flexible and scalable management platform, with multiple features and special capabilities like; virtualization, networking, storage and faster reporting. It is built to drive higher performance and enables knowledge-transfer for IT teams, empowering them to provide higher levels of service to the internal and external customers of any enterprise.