Permanently Closed Offers

Dear customer, some offers will be closed permanently from 7th June 2024. For the list, click here. To subscribe to more offers, please continue on website, visit MyZong App or dial *6464#.

NONSTOPOFFER Full Gup SIXER Flutter daily Hello Hello Bundle 3 Day
Weekly Shandaar Offer Flutter weekly  Hello Bundle 7 day Poora Ghanta Offer Discounted Weekly Pro Monthly Data Monthly Mini 150MB
Social Cube Daily-DataDailyBasic-30MB Daily-DataDailyPremium-80MB Area Play Weekly Hybrid LBC Non Punjab Weekly Karachi LBC Mahana Budget Offer
Combo Pack 1 Combo Pack 2 Combo Pack 3 Monthly-DataMonthlyBasic-500MB Flutter Monthly Weekly-DataWeekly-280MB
ClassifiedPac Daily-DataBasicAddOn Google Duo Monthly Mehran Offer Weekly Mehran Offer Daily Mehran Offer