Outlet Money Transfer

Any person with a valid CNIC can send money or receive money. This service is not limited to ZONG customers; other mobile network customers can also use it. An instant SMS message will be sent to both the sender and the receiver on sending or receiving money. Sending and Receiving can be done from thousands of PayMax outlets all over Pakistan.

To Send Money:

Sender must be physically present on the Merchant Location for Money Transfer and provide following information:

Sender must have a valid CNIC [Not Expired] [Mandatory]
Receiving Person's valid NADRA CNIC Number [Mandatory]
Sender and Receiver mobile number
Money Sender’s biometric thumb impression will be taken.
Confirmation SMS with Transaction ID from Sender and Receiver

To Receive Money:

Receiver must be physically present on Merchant Location for OTC Receiving and provide following information:

Receiver must know their Transaction ID and share their valid NADRA CNIC number [Not Expired]
During the Money Transfer receiving Transaction. Receiver will be requested to share their BVS impression. Upon successful verification from NADRA receiver's transaction will be completed successfully
Successful confirmation SMS will be received by both sender and receiver
Please collect the money transfer receiving amount from the PayMax Agent along with Stamped receipt

Service charges:

Money Transfer CNIC to CNIC
Start Slab Slab End Total Fee (PKR)
1 1000 60
1,001 2,500 120
2,501 4,000 180
4,001 6,000 240
6,001 8,000 300
8,001 10,000 350
10,001 13,000 400
13,001 15,000 450
15,001 20,000 570
20,001 25,000 700
25,001 30,000 800
30,001 40,000 1000
40,001 50,000 1150

Sending Transactional Limits:

  • Rs. 50,000 per month on a CNIC

Receiving Transactional Limits:

  • Rs. 50,000 per month on a CNIC

CNIC to Mobile Account:

Any person with a valid CNIC can send money to a Mobile Account from any PayMax Agent across Pakistan, instantly.

Customer provides his valid CNIC number.
Provides recipients complete mobile account number & CNIC number.
Provides mobile phone number or both sender & receiver.
PayMax Agent will take his fingerprint.
Upon successful transaction, confirmation SMS will he sent to sender & recipient.

Service charges:

  • FREE of cost