PayMax Outlet

Q. Does a customer need to register to avail PayMax Outlet services?
A. No, there is no registration requirement for the sender and receiver
Q. Does a customer need to have a mobile phone to avail PayMax outlet services?
A. The customers should preferably provide their own mobile number, they will receive SMS notification which will contain the transaction ID (TID) which will be used for receiving the transaction.
Q. Who can make a money transfer transaction? Is this for Zong customers only?
A. Any person can make a money transfer transaction and send money to another person. The only requirement is that both sender and receiver should hold a valid Nadra CNIC, and photocopies of their CNICs along with original.
Q. What if a customer has an expired CNIC or his CNIC is lost?
A. Money transfer requests sending and receiving both would not be entertained for expired or lost CNIC’s. Only original and valid CNIC will be accepted.
Q. Where can a customer send or receive a money transfer from?
A. Through PayMax agent. To find PayMax agent visit “agent locator”
Q. How long does money transfer transaction take? How long the receiver does have to wait after the sender sends the money?
A. Money transfer sending or receiving is done instantly.
Q. Will the customer get a receipt or any SMS notification after the transaction?
A. SMS notifications will be sent to the sender and the receiver at the time money is sent and collected. The PayMax agent will provide a stamped, signed transaction receipt to both sender and receiver with the sender and receivers CNICs and transaction details. The customers must not leave the PayMax agent outlet without collecting the receipt for the money transfer.
Q. Is there a time limit for a customer to receive a money transfer transaction?
A. The receiving customer must collect the transaction within 180 days. As per regulations, all transaction uncollected for longer than 180 days will be blocked.
Q. What will be the process if the customer forgets the transaction ID (TID)?
A. The transaction ID is in the SMS notification sent to the sender and the receiver. Additionally, if the customer has forgotten his transaction ID, he may obtain it by calling our helpline 2525 for Zong customers and for OMO dial 0311-111-2525.
Q. What if the customer does not receive the confirmation message?
A. The customer should ensure that the phone numbers mentioned on the money transfer receipt are correct. He should then call the helpline and after verification, the call center agent will confirm the transaction status.
Q. Is there any number of transactions or monthly limit for customers?
A. There is no limit on the number of transactions per month. The monthly limit for sending and receiving is Rs.50, 000. These limits will apply separately to when a customer is sending money as well as when a customer is receiving money through a money transfer transaction. For example, if a sender sends Rs.50, 000, his sending limit for that month has been exhausted. He will not be able to send any more money that month. However, the receiver’s limits will be exhausted when he collects the Rs.50, 000. He will not be able to receive more money that month.
Q. How to locate PayMax agent?
A. To locate the agent visit agent locator. https://www.zong.com.pk/paymax/agent-locator