MBB Monthly 30GB offer

  • Pirce 999.00 Consumer Price
  • Wifi 30GB Internet
  • validity Monthly Validity

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Q: Is this offer available for new customers?

A: Yes the offer can be availed at time of device purchase as well as re-subscribed later given the customer is in areas that are eligible for this offer.

Q: If I subscribe to this offer while in a city where offer is available but then move to another city, will I still be able to use the bundle?

A: Yes the customer will be able to use remaining resources till bundle expiry in any other city as well. However, bundle cannot be subscribed again if you move out of the cities where this offer is available.

Q: Can I subscribe to other offers along with this offer?

A: Yes the offer can co-exist with other offers of MBB portfolio.

Q: Can I subscribe to Add-on with this offer?

A: Yes Add-on can be subscribed with this offer.

Q: Can I avail 1+1 offer with this bundle?

A: No, the customers who buy MBB devices with this package are not eligible for 1+1 offer. Nor will any resources be posted to plus 1 SIM in connection with subscription of this offer, for customers who already have a plus 1 SIM.