Dear Customer

In order to keep using your handset/device and Zong 4G’s award-winning services, please follow the steps below to get your device registered and PTA-compliant without any delay.

  • If your device is not registered with PTA, it will cease to operate.
  • You have 18 days to get it registered.

Follow the verification process below to avoid device blocking.


You are here because:

  • Your handset is blocked.
  • You have received a notification from PTA about the handset being non-compliant.
  • You are an inbound traveler with a handset that requires registration and clearance for customs.

You can find out your device’s IMEI through the following:

  • Device packaging (seen at the bottom of the box)
  • Handset settings
  • By dialing *#06#

To check your device’s registration status, SMS your IMEI number to 8484.

When you send your device’s IMEI number, you will get one of the following notifications from PTA.

Required Documents:

To get a Certificate of Compliance for your unregistered device, please make sure you have the following documents ready...

  1. Your CNIC (ID Card)
  2. Passport or NICOP (for foreign/dual nationals)
  3. Mobile number for SMS communication
  4. Handset details (IMEI, Model No. etc.)
Step-by-step PTA Device Registration Process

In order to get your COC for your mobile device, click here. (

For first-time users, you will be required to visit this page and provide your information detailed in the steps below. (

To sign up, you will be required to select your Purpose and User Type (as seen in the screenshot below):

  • Personal/Individual for Mobile/Tablet PCs
  • Commercial
User Type
  • Pakistani (Local / International Traveller, Dual Natonality Holder)
  • Foreigner (Travelled on a Visa)

Mandatory Details:

Once you have selected your ‘Purpose’ and ‘User Type’, you will be required to fill in mandatory information

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • City Postal Address
  • CNIC / NICOP / B-From Number
  • Passport Number

When you have filled-in the above details, you will also be required to:

  • Create a password
  • Confirm your password
Email Verification:

Once you have completed the process of providing your details, you will receive an email from the PTA Device Registration System on the provided email address.

Please click on the link provided in the email to create a login ID on PTA’s redirected webpage. You will be required to enter your Email ID and Password

After clicking on Login, you will be shown a Declaration Form. Please read through the conditions and click affirm to proceed with the Device Registration.

Device Registration:

For Device Registration, first check your IMEI No.

To obtain the 15 digital IMEI, dial *#06# from dial pad of device.

Enter your Passport No:

Select the reason for your Device Registration:

Enter your Contact Number:

Select the number of sim slot of the Handset and note IMEIs:

On Submission, the confirmation is received from PTA website regarding status of the handset Handset is already registered. (An error message will appear at the right corner of your screen.)

Handset is registered and Customs Duty apply:
  • PSID Code is generated. This code is reference code against which all government dues may be paid into all Banks and using Mobile Financial Outlets – ZONG’s PayMax.
  • Duty can be paid with the PSID from any ATM or online banking portal.
  • The Handset Status remains “in progress” until the Duty amount is cleared.
  • On Payment of Handset Duty, the handset’s registration status can be confirmed against the Tracking ID noted.

After the above mentioned submissions, both confirmation SMS and Emails are sent by PTA.

Sample Email text and Text message (SMS) are reproduced below:

EMAIL (Registration Request)


When the application is submitted:


You have now successfully completed your handset registration with PTA.


Customs Baggage Policy
  • Total registration allowances of a person = 5 mobile devices per CNIC per year.
  • Of the five devices that can be registered.

FBR Website Link :

Duty Structure for Mobile Phones :