Who is Eligible for Free ZONG Data Offer?
All new and existing ZONG users who buy ZONG’s Partner Handset Models/Brands are eligible.
When will I receive the Free Data Offer?
Free Data Offer will automatically be activated on ZONG’s partnered Handsets as soon as IMEI number of the purchased handset is registered on ZONG network.
How to get registered on ZONG network?
Simply perform a voice call to get registered. As soon as the IMEI number is registered on the network, the customer will receive free data within 7 days and a confirmation SMS will also be received.
What is the time duration/limit of Free Data received?
Data is allocated on a monthly basis. Some handsets are eligible for 3 months and some for 6 months. Information regarding Free Data eligibility of each model can be verified from the Handset Page by clicking on “more details” for each Handset shown.
What’s in the Free Data Offer?
Free 4G internet data volume (will switch to 3G internet in 3G coverage area or 3G handset). Please check the brands and models mentioned on ZONG Handset page for details regarding our Handset Partner Brands and Data Offered with them.
In case of dual SIM, Is Free Data available on both SIM slots?
In case of a dual SIM handset, data can be received on both IMEIs. However in most handsets only SIM slot 1 is 4G/3G enabled. To avoid any inconvenience it is advised to use your ZONG SIM in SIM slot 1.
If I change SIM slot, will I still be eligible for data?
Free Data can only be used in the SIM slot it was first received in. In case of changing the SIM slot the previous data will be cancelled.
Is this offer available for Pre-Paid or Post-Paid users?
Free Data Offer is available for both Pre-Paid and Post-Paid users.
Is this Free Data transferable?
No, this Free Data cannot be transferred.
Can I use this bundle on other handsets as well?
If handset is changed the previously activated data will get cancelled.
Where can I buy ZONG Partner Handsets?
All ZONG handset partnerships are done with International Brand Manufacturers such as Samsung, OPPO, and Huawei etc. These devices are available all across Pakistan and can be bought from their official sellers.
Warranty and Repairs
Warranty and Repairs of the handsets is the responsibility of Manufacturer and their official distributors from where the Handset is purchased. All official devices have warranty cards present in the boxes which contain addresses of their respective after sales service centers.