Zong Mpls

Pakistan’s No 1 Data Network, ZONG 4G Introduces Zong MPLS (Multi-Protocol label Switching), A packet based secure connectivity service to speed up network traffic flow for enhanced branch Connectivity with country wide reach.

  1. Zong MPLS Provides secure and private VPNs for customer’s point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communication to their branch network
  2. It fulfils customer’s day-to-day business needs of data exchange, branch video surveillance, resource sharing, remote management, branch video conferencing and branch inter-communication.


  • Country Wide Reach: Zong MPLS VPN is available from all Zong nodes around the country and can be expanded through hybrid networking capabilities using CPE-based VPN IP Sec tunnels.
  • Security: Zong MPLS VPN are built as secure VPN over Zong IP/MPLS network
  • Guaranteed Performance: Zong MPLS VPN is backed by industry leading SLAs including latency, packet loss and jitter.
  • Service Flexibility: Zong MPLS VPN [layer 2 & layer 3] is a complete solution that supports Hub to Spokes and Full Mesh topologies with L2 and L3 functionality

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  • Secure Data Connectivity: Meets regulatory requirement and protects Customer’s business, managed and monitored services with rapid technical response.
  • Cost Effective Network:Customers can leverage a cost effective, feature rich and high performance MPLS VPN service for their converged enterprise networks. Potential to eliminate or reduce costly private point to multipoint connections
  • Scalability: The ability to quickly add, remove or change sites to a fully meshed network without having to reconfigure CPE, because complex routing is handled in IP/MPLS network