Zong Track

Zong Track caters the critical need of corporate clients to maintain their field staff tracking information for improving employee productivity, efficiency and accountability. Whether you are part of Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Financial Institutions, Transport, or Logistics, any business can benefit from this product offering.

This mobile application based tool will be installed on the GPS and Data enabled smartphone of the user to be tracked. The application will upload geographical coordinates of the user at pre-specified intervals on a web portal. Reviewers such as supervisors of employees etc. will be able to view the location history of a tracked user in various formats as detailed in key features below:

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Key Features

  • Current Location: View last updated location of employees.
  • Location at specifc timestamps: View location path of an employee between specific and or two dates and time.
  • Location Path between two timestamps: View location path of an employee between two dates and times.
  • Geofences and entry-exit alerts: Draw Geo-fences and track employees entry and exit via SMS alerts.

Key Benefits

  • Tracking location of the field staff.
  • Verifying staff mileage reporting.
  • Preventing time theft/ waste.
  • Tracking staff shift timings
  • Ensuring use of designated routes.
  • Overtime calculations.
  • Work hour policy assurance.
  • Increasing productivity, improve efficiency and employee accountability.
  • Emergency handling - Employees and resource locations.