Mobile Connect

Mobile Connect is a secure universal log-in solution, which enables users to log-in to the websites and applications quickly by simply matching the user to their mobile phone. It allows them to log-in without remembering their password and username. Users can be employees working at your organization or customers being served at your business. Both the employees and customers at your organization may need to access online resources including websites/web-portals and mobile applications.

Key Features

  • Simple: With “Mobile Connect” there is no need for multiple passwords or usernames making the process of log-in simpler
  • Secure: Since request to log-in works through mobile phone; “Mobile Connect” is safer and more secure because your employees’ and customers’ mobile number will be used as their digital identity to verify themselves through the device in their possession
  • Private: With “Mobile Connect”, personal information of your employees and customers stays private and is not shared with any third party without their consent

Key Benefits

  • Universal login solution, there is no need to remember multiple usernames and passwords
  • Increases security and reduction in fraud
  • Enhances user experience
  • Improves customer insights
  • Reduces end user friction and drop-out rates

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