Bulk Voice Message

Bulk Voice Message (BVM) is a business solution that lets you target millions of people easily and affordably through automated calls.

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Corporate Bulk SMS

Zong presents Corporate Bulk SMS, a solution with a view to provide its corporate clients with an easy to use web tool for their business.

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Machine 2 Machine

Machine 2 Machine (M2M)

Zong is here to transform your business by providing state of the art connectivity solutions through its reliable M2M Technology.

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Fleet Management System

Plug & play enabled Zong Fleet Management System provides 3 in 1 features of cellular databased location tracking, on-board diagnostics and Zong 4G wifi.

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Mobile Connect

Mobile Connect is a secure universal log-in solution, enabling users to log-in to the websites and applications quickly, by simply matching the user to their mobile phone.

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Zong Identity Gateway

Zong Identity Gateway is a simple standard-based solution for safe and secure access to APIs (Application Programmable Interface), allowing businesses to identify, validate and authenticate their customers.

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Zong Track

Zong Track caters critical need of corporate clients to maintain their ?eld sta? tracking information for improving employee productivity, e?ciency and accountability.

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Campus Management Solutions

Zong Track caters to the critical need of tracking your ?eld sta? for improving employee productivity, e?ciency and accountability.

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Customized Software Application Development

Zong 4G o?ers software development services as customized solutions across all the platforms of mobile, web and desktop.

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