Machine to Machine (M2M)

Zong is here to transform your business by providing state of the art connectivity solutions through its reliable M2M Technology. Now you can monitor your business assets smartly through our dedicated, secure and seamless data connectivity. And that’s not all, our solutions are not limited to below:

  • a. POS for credit card transactions
  • b. PDA for data collection
  • c. Smart metering
  • d. Vehicle and asset tracking
  • e. Attendance management

Key Features

  • Dedicated APN /IP Pool to ensure security
  • Aggregation on VPN / Point to Point physical link
  • Support for multiple aggregation VPN links
  • Data usage reports for M2M devices
  • Heat resistant SIMs
  • Choice of Dynamic/Static IP assignment


  • Cost Effective Connectivity: Compared to fixed connectivity, and VSAT links, 3G/4G based connectivity is a cost-efficient method to get your devices to communicate with each other
  • Ease in Deployment and Scalability: Once an account is created, deployment is extremely easy, only specific APN needs to be selected and the connection will be established, reducing effort and time
  • Nationwide mobility with the convenience of carrying your device on the go and yet staying connected
  • Secure Connectivity: It keeps dedicated private APN traffic separate from internet, which makes it a very secure medium of communication

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