Data Pool

Data pool is an all under one roof data sharing product allowing customers to buy Data package for one number only and then share the data among a set of employees. It ensures that only one master number gets charged and all the employees added under that group will enjoy free data with seamless coverage. Data can be utilized according to the limits assigned to employees. Any kind of MBB device, mobile phones and tablets can be used to consume this shared data.

Bundle Price (Rs.) GBs
Postpaid DATA_POOL_100GB 8,82.26 100
Postpaid DATA_POOL_200GB 17,108.36 200
Postpaid DATA_POOL_300GB 22,315.25 300
Postpaid DATA_POOL_500GB 37,192.09 500
Postpaid DATA_POOL_1000GB 55,788.13 1,000
Postpaid DATA_POOL_1250GB 66,945.76 1,250
Postpaid DATA_POOL_1750GB 90,748.69 1,750
Postpaid DATA_POOL_2000GB 100,418.63 2,000
Postpaid DATA_POOL_2500GB 119,014.68 2,500
Postpaid DATA_POOL_3000GB 137,610.72 3,000
Postpaid DATA_POOL_4000GB 174,802.81 4,000

Key Features

  • It is data sharing from one to many
  • One entity pays for everyone
  • Existing Postpaid or new Postpaid clients can buy data to use and share
  • Can be used in variety of ways wirelessly and without geographic boundaries
  • Can be used amongst wide variety of data devices

Key Benefits

  • Share data among friends & family
  • Share data among employees as employer
  • Share data without geographical boundaries